KOREC Capture

KOREC Capture is an intelligent workforce and GIS asset management solution comprising a field data capture app and an office based portal.

Improve productivity and collaboration across organisations by using KOREC Capture to digitise processes and provide real-time data in one easy to use solution.

Data driven decision making

Submit field reports including images, notes and positional data from anywhere in the world with or without an internet connection – data will sync when re-connected to the network. Use device GPS location or connect to a Trimble Catalyst receiver for millimetre accurate positioning.

Simple but sophisticated reporting tools make it easy for users to inspect data from one centralised hub, the desktop portal. Real-time data of complex network assets is transformed into easily shareable insights amongst stakeholders such as dashboards, interactive maps and customisable reports.

KOREC Capture is supplied as standard, plus you can bolt-on your industry specific module with all the standard forms you require. Upgrades for enterprise users are also available with Pro.

Product Information


Key Features

  • Simple data collection app available on Apple and Android devices
  • Configure and capture the data you need with advanced form editor
  • Most up to date spatial data with live streaming of OS Master Map

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