Our advanced monitoring solutions allow you to gain real-time insights and ensure the safety and stability of your infrastructure. With state-of-the-art sensors, advanced data analytics, and seamless integration, our tailored monitoring solutions deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. 

From structural health monitoring to environmental monitoring, KOREC’s range of monitoring solutions enable you to detect, analyse and respond to changes with confidence – mitigating risks and optimising the performance of your assets.

Construction Intelligence valued UK contracts in 2017 at £71bn and that number continues to grow. A great number of these contracts would have required some form of monitoring – which is why adding deformation monitoring equipment to your survey portfolio can be highly profitable.

And it’s easier than you think. More often than not, you already have the equipment to do it, with basic systems requiring nothing more than a Trimble Total Station with FineLock technology and the stake-out function in Trimble Access software running on a controller.

The KOREC team includes monitoring specialists well versed in the full range of Trimble scaleable systems that offer everything from a basic low-cost entry level system that include a modestly priced app to fully remote systems for complex monitoring projects and analysis.