Data Collectors

What Is a Surveying Data Collector?

A data collector is a device that records and collects geospatial data in the field. Data collectors enable surveyors to quickly gather and process huge amounts of spatial information, helping them make better decisions, improve workflows, keep costs down and co-ordinate data between field and office.

Field data collection is more than just collecting data. It’s collecting the highest-quality data possible and being able to share it quickly with your team, whether in the field or the office. It’s also delivering that data to clients as reports or visualisations. With Trimble’s data collectors and field controllers, the whole process becomes quick, easy and efficient.

Why Choose a Data Collector from KOREC?

KOREC Group are one of the world’s leading distributors of Trimble surveying solutions, and the leading distributor in the UK and Ireland. Our partnership with Trimble goes back over 20 years, as a sales, hire and service facility, and through this partnership we have been at the forefront of some of the most exciting technological developments in mapping and surveying.

Our data collectors range is no exception to this. Combining lightweight yet rugged hardware with cutting-edge data collection software and cellular capability, there is a Trimble data collector for any occasion.

Your investment in your kit is an investment in your business, so it’s vital it performs to its top capacity. As such, when you buy or hire surveying equipment from KOREC, you will have access to our expert technical support team, who will be on hand to offer advice and assistance with using your device. We also provide servicing, calibration and maintenance for your kit at our centres in Huntingdon (UK) and Dublin (Ireland).

Trimble Data Collectors for Any Application

Trimble is renowned for the breadth and depth of its data collector range. From its most rugged high performing offering, the Trimble TSC7 field controller suitable for use with many sensors including Trimble GNSS, Trimble S-Series Total Stations and of course Trimble’s SX10 Scanning Total Station to the most recently launched Android handheld, the TDC600 data collector which combines excellent functionality in the field with smart phone features. The TDC600’s Android platform makes it extremely versatile for a range of applications including mapping and survey. It’s also the perfect platform for our KOREC Mapping data capture software and Trimble Catalyst, Trimble’s subscription-based GNSS Service for Android.

KOREC also offers two Windows tablet data collectors, the Trimble T7 and the Trimble T10x of which the T10x offers the higher spec. Rugged and powerful, the T10x with its large screen enables you to collect, share and deliver information, making it an important part of the 3D laser scanning workflows that KOREC can deliver and it is especially useful when combined with the recently released Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner.

On the mapping side, the Trimble TDC150 is a simple all-in-one data collection solution for high accuracy GIS field work. No need for a pole, users can now collect high accuracy data while holding the device in the hand! Again, this is a great platform for KOREC Mapping data capture software. 

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