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Data Collectors

Whether you need a fully integrated GNSS handheld for GIS data collection and maintenance, or a field controller to pair with your GNSS receiver and total station for survey work, we have a wide range of high performing, rugged field devices that provide everything from centimetre accuracy to communications and more.


GPS positions can help individuals and organisations better understand spatial patterns and relationships. This information can be used for something as basic as looking at a map on your phone to locate the nearest railway station to more complex applications such as identifying ‘hotspots’ on a GIS (Geographical Information System) which show the locations of anything from reported crimes to flooding, depending on your industry. Consequently there are no bounds to the number of applications that can use GPS generated data.
Using a mapping or survey grade GPS, points can be collected and have useful attribute or descriptive information added to that point using data capture software such as KOREC’s K-Mobile or for survey, Trimble Access. For mapping, this intelligent information can be shown on a variety of map backgrounds from OS Maps to Aerial Mapping to add context.

GPS systems are used to collect horizontal and vertical positional information. To determine a horizontal location on earth, signals from at least three satellites are required. A minimum of four satellite signals are needed for determination of vertical position. The accuracy of the GPS generated data depends on a number of factors such as satellite availability, tree coverage and urban canyons along with the capabilities of your GPS system.
For example, recreational systems such as those used by hikers for planning a route or in your mobile phone for basic navigation will provide positional accuracy of around 5-20m.  Mapping systems such as the best-selling Trimble Geo7x or Trimble TDC600 are usually from decimetre to 5m, more than adequate for navigating to a pre recorded point or positioning a manhole cover or lamppost. The most accurate and expensive systems are survey grade and can achieve cm accuracy often requiring specialist training to use them. Trimble’s most technologically advanced survey grade GNSS is the recently released Trimble R12i. which is used for setting-out, topographical surveys etc where accuracy is paramount.

Trimble is renowned for having a data collector for every occasion from its most rugged high performing offering, the Trimble TSC7 suitable for use with many sensors including Trimble GNSS, Trimble S-Series Total Stations and of course Trimble’s SX10 Scanning Total Station to the most recently launched Android handheld, the TDC600 which combines excellent functionality in the field with smart phone features. The TDC600’s Android platform makes it extremely versatile for a range of applications including mapping and survey. It’s also the perfect platform for KOREC’s K-Mobile data capture software and Trimble Catalyst, Trimble’s subscription-based GNSS Service for Android.

KOREC also offers two Windows tablet data collectors, the Trimble T7 and the Trimble T10 of which the T10 offers the higher spec. Rugged and powerful, the T10 with it’s large screen enables you to collect, share and deliver information, making it an important part of the 3D laser scanning workflows that KOREC can deliver and it is especially useful when combined with the recently released Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner.

On the mapping side, the handheld Trimble Geo7x remains a popular choice for its rugged performance along with handheld that superseded it last year, the Trimble TDC150, a simple all-in-one data collection solution for high accuracy GIS field work. No need for a pole, users can now collect high accuracy data while holding the device in the hand! Again, both are great platforms for K-Mobile data capture software.

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