Total Stations

Our fully weather-proof total stations are the ultimate tool for surveying and construction professionals, offering unrivalled accuracy and reliability. 

Modernising the key features of the traditional theodolite, total stations offer cutting-edge precision measuring technology and user-friendly data collection in one device.

From land surveying to construction setting out and everything in between, our total stations deliver exceptional performance – enabling you to complete projects with utmost confidence and efficiency.

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Everything You Need to Know about Total Stations.

Total Station. Total Performance. Total Choice.

Trimble has always played a major role in the history of global total station development. Trimble FineLock, Trimble VISION, Trimble MagDrive and Trimble Autolock are just some of the pioneering patented technologies it’s brought to market.

Trimble’s high-quality total stations are renowned for combining high accuracy measurement capabilities with a rugged design that is reliable in all weathers. Every feature, function and software release is designed to boost efficiency in the field and office. 

With a wide range of accurate and robust Trimble devices for those working in the surveying, engineering and construction industries, the KOREC total station offering is second-to-none. Choose from a full range of robotic, Servo with Autolock, mechanical and even 3D scanning total stations.

What Are Total Stations?

Total stations are electro-optical surveying instruments that integrate an electronic transit theodolite, which measures horizontal and vertical angles, with an electronic distance meter. This allows surveyors to accurately and precisely map and measure distances and angles between two points and objects. These measurements are then collected and processed by the device, and the data can then be shared directly from the total station or downloaded onto a laptop or mobile device. 

We have both robotic and mechanical devices in our range. Robotic total stations can be operated by one user via remote control, and capture measurements automatically, while mechanical total stations require two or more operators: one to stay with the instrument, the other to move the prism. Robotic devices are faster, as any movement required is done for you by the device, however manual total stations are a reliable and affordable option for many projects. 

Where Are Total Stations Used?

Total stations are one of the most-widely used measuring tools in surveying. They have any number of applications, usually where highly accurate measurements of angles and distance are required. Examples include construction and BIM, mapping archaeological sites, recording and measuring crime and accident scenes, and land boundary and topographic surveys.

Robotic Total Stations for Construction

For the modern construction professional, setting out is made simple with Trimble’s RTS series of robotic total stations. Each Trimble robotic total station from the RTS573 upwards comes with active and passive tracking as standard, as well as optical focus for quick manual aiming and Trimble Multitrack™ for locking and tracking passive prisms. Long range laser measurement and live imaging are also available on the RTS773.

Total Stations for Surveying

For the survey professional, look no further than the S-Series. With a range of accuracies from 5” down to 0.5”, and a maximum distance of 7000m, the S5, S7 and S9 models are designed with the flexibility and freedom that you demand for total station surveys. All models include as standard; direct reflex measurement (DR) both Autolock and Robotic operation, with Active Tracking as standard on the S7 and S9, and upgradable on the S5.

For full surveying, scanning and imaging requirements, the Trimble SX12 is the tool for you. Like the SX10, it combines high density 3D scan data with a 600m range, with a high accuracy surveying total station, and Trimble VISION™ technology allowing fast and easy high resolution image capture. This hugely versatile piece of kit is suitable for an array of applications including topographic and highway surveys, as-builts, BIM, utilities surveys, forensics and mine/quarry surveys.

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What do our customers rate about Trimble Total Stations? Their reliability, accuracy, and ability to keep working in rainy conditions; the MultiTrack technology for easy locking on to the target; and the addition of L2P technology, (Locate to Protect) to prevent theft and aid the recovery of any stolen instruments. 

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