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Our Surveying Solutions

Our comprehensive range of mapping and surveying equipment includes everything you need to make surveying, mapping and monitoring as simple as possible.

From Trimble total stations and laser scanners, to powerful point cloud processing and 3D scanning software our surveying equipment makes land surveying, aerial mapping and all other surveying activities quick and easy.

The reliability, durability and adaptability of our equipment makes it ideal to use in a range of industries too. While all our surveying equipment obviously features frequently in construction projects, its use extends into transport engineering like highways or rail, and utility management.

For example, the out-of-the-box usability of our Trimble Catalyst was the perfect choice for Anglian Water‘s team of surveyors, while our own KOREC software made the data they collected easy to analyse and visualise.

Our equipment supports transport monitoring, too. Academy Geomatics picked the Trimble S7 Total Station to monitor underground train tunnels during disruptive construction work.

Combining high-quality technology with flexibility of use, means we’re able to support workers in all these industries to get quick, reliable results.

Why choose KOREC?

We’re partnered with industry-leading companies such as Trimble, Parrot, AgEagle, and Cintoo Cloud. Working closely with these companies means our end-to-end surveying solutions are always cutting-edge, and also ensures our team has all the training they need to give the highest level of support.

Their experience and education means our team of specialists can do more than advise on product suitability too. We offer bespoke training courses carried out at a site that is convenient for you. We also offer care packages to help with maintaining your monitoring, mapping and surveying equipment in the longer term.

The KOREC Hire Service

All our surveying equipment is competitively priced but if you’re looking for an even more affordable option take a look at our equipment hire service. We have a full range of surveying equipment available, with the same high level of support and no worry about upkeep, maintenance or monitoring when it’s not being used.