3D Documentation

Our revolutionary 3D documentation solutions are designed to optimise the way you capture, analyse, and communicate spatial data. 

3D scanning is a key element of BIM and enables you to produce a digital twin of any asset – with cutting-edge scanning technology and advanced tailored software, our solutions allow you to create detailed and accurate 3D representations of your environment with ease. 

From architectural documentation to heritage preservation, our range of scanners, mapping systems and software enable you to create immersive visualisations, streamline workflows, and make fully informed decisions about the job at hand.

Today, 3D laser scanning is utilised by thousands of organisations across many industries to help them complete projects quickly and accurately.

Whether you’re delivering a topographic survey, scan data of as-built conditions, undertaking a highly-accurate highway survey or data collection of hard-to-reach utilities, we have a solution that’s right for you.