Measured Buildings Surveys

The KOREC range of surveying solutions for measured buildings combines cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to deliver accurate, detailed and efficient measurements. 

Whether you’re involved in architectural design, facility management or historical building preservation, our tailored surveying solutions enable you to capture precise measurements and create a solid foundation for your projects.

Everything You Need to Know about Measured Buildings Surveys.

Measured building surveys, also known as measured surveys, provide a comprehensive digital representation of all elements of a building: structural elements, internal and external elevations, utilities, architectural features measurements and more.

They usually include detailed floor plans, ceiling and roof plans, cross sections and elevations, among other information. The level of detail will depend on the requirements of the project, covering anything from a basic 2D floor plan survey to a fully interactive 3D model.

KOREC offers a wide range of surveying equipment for surveyors and other professionals who work on measured surveys, including laser scanners, total stations and visualisation software to ensure you can deliver highly precise and accurate surveys, maps and reports to your customers, clients and teams. Browse our range or get in touch to discuss your measured survey equipment requirements.