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KOREC’s state-of-the-art GNSS surveying products offer unrivalled accuracy, reliability and performance for your positioning needs. Whether you’re in land surveying, construction or mapping, our GNSS systems deliver precise and real-time positioning data – enabling you to achieve exceptional results with minimal fuss. 

With robust features and seamless integration with other surveying equipment and field software, our precision GNSS equipment empowers you to optimise your workflows and maximise productivity effortlessly.

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Everything You Need to Know about GNSS Systems.

Robust, reliable and precise GNSS and GPS survey solutions from Trimble. Innovative technology designed to meet the complex needs of surveyors across all industries. 

What is GNSS survey equipment?

GNSS stands for ‘global navigation satellite system’. This type of survey equipment uses GNSS to find the position of an object.

The GNSS/GPS satellite sends out signals which are picked up by receivers and antennas to give a precise location and time. GNSS surveying relies on RTK (real-time kinematic) positioning which makes it highly accurate, offering real-time correction.

GNSS surveying is a popular choice because it matches this accuracy with speed. This makes it ideal for surveying large areas of land with high accuracy. In fact, while centimetre-level is common, some systems even offer sub-centimetre-level accuracy.

Trimble GNSS Receivers

Here at KOREC, we have a large range of GNSS surveying equipment by Trimble. These instruments can be configured to work with multiple satellite systems including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS.

Trimble are industry leaders in mapping solutions and surveying equipment. They are known for making user-friendly, weather-hardy tools that give reliable and incredibly accurate results.

We’re Trimble partners because we know their products are the best. Their GNSS survey equipment is designed with usability in mind – with innovative features that make complicated tasks achievable. They even make it simple to cover vast areas at quicker speeds without risking accuracy.

For example, the innovative Trimble R12i features Trimble Tilt Technology. This provides IMU-based tilt that compensates for uneven survey rods, making it much easier to get accurate measurements without having to painstakingly level the pole.

It also works with ProPoint GNSS technology so it is able to give quick and accurate results even in challenging conditions.

Other Trimble GNSS receivers include the Trimble R10 which is designed to collect more accurate data faster and easier. The Trimble R8s is a user-friendly receiver that is scalable for future needs and the Trimble R2 which is also suitable for GIS mapping data capture applications. There is also the pocket-sized Trimble R1, designed for mobility.

Data Collector-compatible

As well as bringing excellent accuracy and reliable performance, Trimble GNSS systems can be used with a choice of data collectors.

There is the powerful Trimble TSC7 which combines a large screen with rugged performance. It runs Trimble Access field software which has an easy-to-use interface to support your everyday survey work.

GNSS Correction and Continuous Coverage

The GNSS systems in our range are fully compatible with Trimble VRS Now, Trimble’s RTK (real-time kinematic) positioning correction service. 

Other Trimble GNSS correction technologies include Trimble CenterPoint RTX® Correction Service providing RTK-level precision worldwide without the need for a base station or VRS network. Meanwhile, Trimble xFill® Technology is designed to keep you working in radio and cellular black spots with continuous RTK coverage.

Why Choose a Trimble GNSS System from KOREC?

We are one of the largest distributors of Trimble mapping and survey equipment in the world and the longest serving supplier to the UK and Irish geospatial market – working in partnership with Trimble for over 20 years.

In this role, we’ve been instrumental in bringing some of Trimble’s pioneering products to the UK and Ireland markets, including innovative augmented reality and total station technology.

This extensive history and bonded relationship means we’re experienced in every aspect of their GNSS surveying equipment. When you come to us, you get access to our knowledgeable, technical staff for bespoke advice and set-up support to make sure you find the correct GNSS surveying solutions for your project.

We also offer Trimble-certified training – ensuring you can get the most out of your GNSS and GPS surveying equipment.

When using the fully supported KOREC survey equipment hire service, expert product knowledge ensures all GNSS survey equipment is fully up to date, calibrated and ready to use straight out of the box for maximum efficiency. 

Alternatively, if you decide to purchase outright, our KOREC Care packages can help keep your mapping and surveying equipment at its best.

Get in touch to find out more about our competitive prices, after-sales service and how we can help your business and team be as effective as possible.