Cintoo Cloud

Bridging the gap between reality capture and digital twins

Cintoo develops technologies and solutions for managing and leveraging the 3D data coming from the digitization of the real world (reality data) in the cloud.

Cintoo’s goal is clear – to find a new method to manage massive point clouds efficiently via the cloud, leveraging streaming and compression algorithms.

This core technology was then later embedded in Cintoo Cloud platform, which was first released 2018.​

Cintoo Cloud allows users to stream huge 3D data from any desktop or laptop via a web browser, and provides the tools and technology to compare scans to CAD models or scans to scans and enable large-scale collaboration and management of the reality data.

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How laser scanning and Cintoo Cloud can help architecture, engineering and construction companies retain their competitive edge.

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How does it Work?

If you’re working in the AEC or infrastructure space, Cintoo Cloud can improve your performance and efficiency with a complete cloud-based, collaborative scan-to-BIM platform – allowing you to manage and distribute your laser scan data with no compromise to accuracy.

Provide your internal teams and external stakeholders with the ability to collaborate and share the most up-to-date trustful data concerning the as-built condition of your project or asset.

Different stakeholders all have different objectives, resources, and technical knowledge.

Cintoo Cloud makes it easy for you to share projects with your team, clients, or subcontractors, creating different permission levels to manage project access and what users can do online.

What are the Benefits?

From accuracy, data sharing to collaboration, the benefits of Cintoo are numerous;

  • Laser scanner agnostic – works with the entire Trimble range of laser scanners
  • Scan data storage, management & organisation
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Access to scan data at any time, from any location
  • Access right management
  • Sharing & distribution of reality data
  • Virtual coordination
  • Project reviews
  • Issue tracking
  • Progress monitoring
  • Owner and stakeholder engagement

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