New KOREC case study – Scaling new heights!

How the award-winning company, Connect Scaffolding Ltd, invested in the Trimble X9 3D Laser Scanner and why they’re “100% convinced” they made the right choice.

How the award-winning company, Connect Scaffolding Ltd, invested in the Trimble X9 3D Laser Scanner and why they’re “100% convinced” they made the right choice.

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Based in Hertfordshire, Connect Scaffolding Ltd is an award-winning access and scaffolding contractor operating across London and the South East. The company has a distinguished track record across a wide range of projects from grand heritage sites and hundred metre high multi-storey refurbishments to more intricate undertakings like statues and ski ramps.

Under the guidance of a tech-forward leadership, the Connect team places a premium on risk management, intelligent operational strategies, and time efficiency. Consequently, the company is always exploring how to enhance its business through the integration of new technology and workflows.

From manual measurement to 3D Laser Scanning

For Design and Engineering Manager, Simon Lewis, it was becoming increasingly evident that a lack of quality information on the buildings they were working on was causing a number of issues to their modular scaffolding operations. He was also aware that their own survey methods, using a disto and photos, were not providing the detail they required for the design process. By simply not getting this first step right the team left itself open to a number of knock-on problems such as design revisions, insufficient materials and additional shipping, all of which had to be managed as and when they arose.

Aware of 3D Laser Scanning technology and the benefits that it could bring to Connect Scaffolding Ltd, Simon researched the market and was quickly able to narrow his choice down to those systems that could deliver the quality and range he desired, at the right price.  Two manufacturers’ instruments were under consideration, one of which was Trimble. On contacting KOREC, live demos were arranged of the newly released Trimble X9, Trimble Tablet and Perspective software. The other manufacturer also demoed its scanner.

Deciding factors

For Simon and his team, it was evident that the Trimble X9 brought a number of advantages over the other manufacturer’s system:

Ease of use – his team was able to use the scanner on live projects after just a couple of demonstrations and only two hours of software training.

Auto calibration – a feature that not only ensures that each project will be carried out accurately, instilling confidence in the data collected, but also delivers significant cost savings. By eliminating the need to send the X9 abroad for calibration like other brands of scanner, and by avoiding the expense of hiring an alternative during that time, this feature can save more than £3-4k annually.

In-field auto registration of scan data – for peace of mind and “fool proof” use because the engineer can check on site that every detail has been captured. This feature also reduces office time because the scan is already registered, refined, colourised and exported, even before the team is back in the office.

Support – Simon felt that KOREC’s support and back-up, from the initial demonstrations through to delivery and training, had been of an extremely high level. Support included accompanying the Connect team on live sites.

Trimble X9 a ‘no brainer’ for Connect Scaffolding Ltd

Whilst it is still early days, Simon is delighted with how the Trimble X9 has been incorporated into a new workflow and been received by his team. The high quality of the data and the speed with which they can scan every last detail have been standout benefits. He concludes:

“The Trimble X9 is really starting to show its worth and it’s proving to be an incredibly powerful tool in terms of the quality and accuracy of data we now have available to us. The efficiency gains in our workflow are clear to see and we are already getting enquiries for uses over and above what we would typically use it for too. We’re 100% convinced that investing in the X9 was the right decision for us.”

Please see our products page for further information on the Trimble X Series 3D Laser Scanners.