Our forestry surveying solutions are designed to elevate forest management, enhance productivity, and ensure sustainable practices. 

From accurate tree inventory and mapping to precision timber measurement, our tailored solutions including robust, fully mobile GNSS receivers, drones specifically for agricultural use and data receivers provide all you need to make informed decisions and maximise your forestry resources. 

With specifically designed software to support your efforts too, you can streamline operations, improve planning and enhance environmental stewardship with ease.

Reliable field data capture is vital for foresters to manage anything from infrastructure, to harvesting, disease monitoring and overall maintenance to name just a few.

It’s an industry in which KOREC is regarded as a market leader thanks to a combined offering of drone technology, image analysis software and advanced GNSS handhelds and laser range finders.

The latest edition to our forestry portfolio is the specialised Canopy module of our K-MATIC field data capture software which combines all the usual features with extra built-in tree functionality and visualisation tools. Perfect for undertaking British Standard tree surveys, key benefits include live graphic representation of tree canopy measured in four directions (N,S,E,W) and calculations and graphic representation of root radius.