Uncover the truth with KOREC’s forensics surveying solutions. Our innovative surveying technology and expertise in forensic scanning enables you to conduct thorough investigations and unearth critical evidence. 

From 3D crime and accident scene reconstruction to advanced analysis tools, our tailored solutions provide the precision and accuracy needed in forensic investigations. With our forensic surveying equipment and software, you can enhance crime and accident scene documentation, visualise data and collaborate easily with investigative teams to gain the advantage in solving complex cases and delivering justice.


3D Measurement & Visualisation

“The Trimble workflow provides us with a fast, flexible and accurate means of capturing exhibits at major incidents over large areas. The cleanliness of the data generated allows us to create exceptional quality 3D deliverables for use in court, clarifying complex crime scenes into understandable graphics or 3D printed models for judge and jurors”

Daniel Sharp, Crime Scene Surveying Supervisor, West Yorkshire Police


Accurate, Reliable Information – Delivered Fast

Crime scene and collision evidence gathering is a discipline that brings its own set of challenges.

The pressure to work quickly and capture every detail of a scene, often with no chance to revisit the site later, means that the emergency services need to have 100% confidence in the reliability of their survey instrumentation.

KOREC has a strong track record for supplying innovative solutions to the emergency services and also an excellent relationship with Highways England providing it with Trimble’s VRS Now real-time correction service (for use with GNSS) used by the police for a second three-year period. Why did they choose Trimble VRS Now? One word – reliability!

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