Trimble Catalyst

Accuracy on Demand

Trimble® Catalyst™ is a revolutionary GNSS concept delivering positioning-as-a-service to mobile devices.

With the addition of the simple, lightweight Trimble DA2 GNSS receiver and an on-demand accuracy-based subscription, turn your Android™ or iOS device into a precision mapping, navigation, and measurement tool you can use with any location enabled app or service.

There are some key differences between the DA1 and DA2 hardware – the DA2 is classed as a full GNSS receiver that fits in your pocket – whilst the DA1 is an antenna only solution.

The table below highlights some of the other major differences between the two;

  DA1 DA2
Maximum Precision 1cm H / 2cm V 1 cm H / 2cm V
Android or iOS? Android only Android & iOS
Features Trimble ProPoint? No Yes
Product classification Antenna Full GNSS Receiver

What the DA1 and DA2 have in common is their portability, flexibility and versatility – lending their use to a very wide variety of customers and applications;

Key Applications for Catalyst

  • GIS & Data Collection
  • GNSS Land Surveying
  • Mobile GIS Applications
  • Land & Cadastral Management
  • Utilities & Asset Management
  • UAV ground control


Catalyst subscriptions are available at a range of accuracy levels to suit your particular job requirements.

  • Catalyst 1 = Centimeter-level (1 cm)
  • Catalyst 10 = Decimeter (10 cm)
  • Catalyst 30 = Sub-foot (30 cm)
  • Catalyst 60 = Sub-meter (60 cm)

Whether you’re carrying out mapping or mobile GIS data collection projects, Catalyst has the positioning accuracy for every workflow.

Purchasing Options

Catalyst monthly and annual subscriptions are ideal for seasonal, project-based, and predictable usage.

  • Purchase a subscription for one month-at-a-time, multiple months-at-a-time or annually for a fixed number of users, at the level of accuracy you and your teams require

Catalyst On-Demand hourly usage plans are perfect for unpredictable and fluctuating usage and team sizes.

  • Purchase from as little as 10 hours at a time for use by any number of users, and receive centimetre-level accuracy for your workflows

You’re always in complete control over how much you spend and when you spend it. What could be simpler?

Product Information


Key Features

  • Brings survey-grade accuracy (on demand) to your existing smartphone
  • Now operating on both Android and Apple devices
  • Select the accuracy range from 1cm – 60cm to suit your application
  • Flexible hourly, monthly and annual payment plans to choose from
  • Highly portable, weighing no more than 330g

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