Lifecycle gully management solution for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance

KOREC Capture’s Gully module is a full, end to end, gully cleansing, recording, and reporting system. Ideal for contractor use, it combines a sophisticated data collection method for manging cleaning programmes, and for end clients, a high-quality record of the on-site work completed.

Collect date, time & location of each gully being cleaned, as well as current silt levels, and any cleaning omissions

Analyse photographic evidence of work completed or issues encountered which are tagged to individual gullies

Respond via the mobile app and assign field crew to a new inspection site

Product Information


Key Features

  • Preconfigured forms for recording gully inspections including time, location, silt levels, cleaning, and defect reporting
  • Ability to attach photos of works completed and rule-based form completion to ensure all data is recorded correctly
  • Position and populate new gullies identified in the field using Capture. Accuracy can also be improved with the addition of external GPS if required
  • Proactively administer, schedule, and manage gully cleaning operations using desktop portal job assignments
  • Intelligent scheduling based on historic data held in desktop portal
  • Realtime updates of full network cleaning progress and automated reporting through preconfigured dashboards


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