KOREC Software

Supercharge your workflows with KOREC’s bespoke software solutions. Fully supported by our in house development agency, K-MATIC is a sophisticated software solution that is specifically designed to optimise data collection, processing and analysis – empowering you to unlock the full potential of your geospatial projects whatever niche you’re in. 

From intuitive field data capture to powerful data management and visualisation, our software solutions streamline your workflows, saving you time and resources as you go. With user-friendly interfaces and robust features, you can harness the power of geospatial data with ease to make fully informed decisions about your project and achieve outstanding results.

Our Custom-Developed Software

See how our bespoke software solutions, K-MATIC, benefit users in a wide range of industries, offering automated workflows, complete end-to-end data management, and quick and easy problem identification, whilst being tailored to each industry.

KOREC Capture

The software that started it all. KOREC Capture combines a field data capture app and an office-based portal for seamless field-to-office data management. Improve productivity and collaboration across organisations by using KOREC Capture to digitise processes and provide real-time data in one easy to use solution, improving productivity and collaboration.

KOREC Capture Pro

KOREC Capture Pro offers enterprise users the chance to upgrade to a full workforce and asset management solution. Capture Pro has all the features of Capture, but with additional, flexible customisation for managing large teams.

KOREC Capture Utility Module

KOREC Capture’s Utility module allows surveyors, engineers and network teams the ability to design, build and maintain a complete digital utility network, streamlining the management of ageing networks, and making conducting surveys quick and simple. Whether its underground utilities, drainage connectivity or pipeline surveys, Utility has you covered.

KOREC Capture Fibre Module

Fibre offers complete end-to-end management for the design and construction of fibre networks. It allows surveyors to collect live asset information for network status maps, and enables network providers to dispatch engineers to fix problems immediately, reducing downtime.

KOREC Capture Gully Module

KOREC Capture’s Gully module is a full, end to end, gully cleansing, recording, and reporting system. Featuring preconfigured forms for gully inspections, as well as intelligent scheduling and real-time updates, Gully combines a sophisticated data collection method for managing cleaning programmes, and for end clients, a high-quality record of the on-site work completed.

KOREC Roadway Module

KOREC Capture’s Roadway module offers a complete solution for roadway maintenance and management.

Roadway makes it easy for road crews and local authorities to carry out preventative maintenance and respond to the challenges of keeping highway assets working efficiently against the tide of increased traffic volumes, climate change and increasingly complex road networks.

KOREC Canopy Module

KOREC Canopy is designed for arboriculturalists, landowners and anyone working within tree, woodland or forestry management. It offers a huge range of features which allow teams to easily collect, upload and analyse data on trees, trails, paths and woodland assets, to share survey reports and to respond quickly to problems, such as diseases or infestations.

Why Choose Bespoke Surveying Software from KOREC?

With over 50 years of industry experience, including bringing some of the most innovative and advanced surveying technology to the UK market, KOREC is a long-established name in the surveying business. Our bespoke software draws on this extensive experience, and our knowledge of surveyors’ workflows and what field teams working in various industries really need from their kit.

We also have an expert technical team on hand to provide support and advice, as well as comprehensive training, should your team require it.

If you’d like to find out more about how our custom software can support you and your team, please get in touch!