Tree survey and management software for arboriculturalist and landowners

Streamline environmental field data collection such as Phase 1 habitat, BS Tree Surveys and Bat surveys with KOREC Capture’s Canopy module. Surveys can record individual points such as trees, linear features like trails and paths and areas within a polygon such as a Japanese knotweed infestation.

Collect forestry asset information and upload data instantly to the cloud

Analyse survey data including georeferenced photos which allow asset managers to quickly identify diseases, infestations and build a tree portfolio

Respond safely to lone workers operating remotely and direct field crews to the next job

Product Information


Key Features

  • Accurate tree plotting and measurement of height, crown and offsets
  • Automated plotting of crown spread and root protection
  • Complete management and reporting of tree inventories and woodland assets
  • Full audit trail of tree inspections to meet duty of care responsibilities
  • Workforce management and tracking of lone workers


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