Complete end to end management software for the design and construction of fibre networks

Reduce costly service interruptions and make network construction more efficient by collecting live asset information from the field with KOREC Capture’s Fibre module. Accurate real-time operational intelligence allows telecom installers and internet service providers to develop robust maintenance strategies to keep customers connected.

Collect live asset information of telecommunications systems to build real-time network status maps

Analyse location data and photographs of issues to mitigate costly service interruptions

Respond by dispatching ground staff to problems immediately, minimising network downtime

Product Information


Key Features

  • Quickly and accurately survey existing site conditions using the customisable Capture field collection app connected to survey grade GPS
  • Host multiple data sources including mobile mapping data plus dynamic links to existing legacy GIS and CAD solutions
  • Dedicated fibre workflows for full network design including wire splitting, wayleave surveys and automated generation of bill of quantities
  • In filed design validation, scheduling and construction planning workflows
  • Full workforce management and automated construction progress reporting
  • Lone worker tracking and health and safety management through rule-based data input


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