Move Solutions Tiltmeter

The inclinometer measures the inclination and temperature of the point where it is installed relative to the gravitational axis. By installing a system composed of these sensors it is possible to reconstruct the deformation of the structure. All inclinometers can be perfectly synchronized with each other, perfect for static load tests.

Battery powered and LoRaWAN wireless transmission.

The acquisition methods can be set by the user through the web interface provided in the service.


How It Works

Move Solutions includes a complete package of wireless devices and a Web Platform for data visualization and sensor management.

Once the sensors and system gateways are properly installed on site, they are ready to receive, store and send data.

You can view all this data in real time through a Web interface that allows users to remotely monitor the site or infrastructure. The user can set different parameters for each individual sensor, including sampling rates, resolution, alarm thresholds, activation and much more.

The Move Solutions monitoring system guarantees accuracy, safety and reliability and a significant reduction in overall monitoring costs.

Product Information


Key Features

  • High precision
  • Completely wireless system, save on installation materials
  • Modular system - easily add additional sensors to extend the monitored area
  • Long-range communication
  • Complete management and customisation
  • High autonomy

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Tech Specs

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