Move Solutions Deck Displacement Sensor

The Deck sensor is a wireless device that allows measuring the dynamic amplitude of the displacement with an accuracy of 0.01 mm and the vibration frequency (through an FFT algorithm) of any structure on which it is applied.

On each sensor, a threshold can be set remotely via the Move Cloud Platform. Each sensor continuously samples the oscillation amplitude and, if this threshold is exceeded, then the sensor records and transmits the 10 seconds before and the 20 seconds after the event.

It is fully wireless, and the battery can last for years. It also mounts a temperature sensor.

The Deck sensor transmits accurate readings from the site via the LoRaWAN wireless communication protocol via a Gateway.

You can view and interact with your data online using the Move Cloud Platform.

There are multiple data processing and correlation algorithms developed by Move. Ideal for dynamic monitoring of large structures like bridges and overpasses.

Product Information


Key Features

  • High precision
  • Completely wireless system, save on installation materials
  • Modular system - easily add additional sensors to extend the monitored area
  • Long-range communication
  • Complete management and customisation
  • High autonomy

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Tech Specs

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