Mobile Mapping Systems

Our cutting-edge mobile mapping equipment redefines the way you capture and analyse geospatial data on the go. 

Our comprehensive range of vehicle-mounted mobile mapping solutions seamlessly integrate GNSS, LiDAR and other imaging technologies, enabling you to collect highly accurate and detailed real time large-scale data in a range of formats.

Whether you’re in transportation, utilities or asset management, KOREC’s mobile mapping products deliver unrivalled efficiency, accuracy and integration for maximum productivity.

A range of vehicle-mounted mobile mapping solutions to suit any requirement, accuracy or application.

KOREC provides a range of hand-held, mobile and vehicle-mounted mobile mapping systems for a range of applications, including highway corridor mapping, asset management, manhole or utility mapping, and more.

For large scale, high accuracy geospatial data collection and unrivalled data quality, look to Trimble’s vehicle-mounted spatial imaging systems, the MX9 and MX50, perfect for highway & large area asset surveys.

Ideal for local authorities or asset management agencies, check out KOREC’s KlearView 360 solution – complete, end-to-end, vehicle-based asset management and inspection.

And it’s not all about the hardware, either. We cover the complete workflow from data collection through to processing and visualisation. KOREC supplies a range of both Trimble and in-house software including the MX office suite, Applanix, and of course our own Roadway application to help you process large amounts of data easily and efficiently.

What Is Mobile Mapping?

Mobile mapping involves collecting geospatial data through the use of a mobile vehicle. Vehicle-mounted mobile mapping systems comprise various technologies, including GNSS, laser scanners, LiDAR, cameras and remote sensing systems. The combination of all these technologies allows these systems to collect vast amounts of high accuracy, high resolution data and output it in the form of point clouds, GIS data, video, images or digital maps. 

The main benefit of mobile mapping is that it is much quicker and more efficient than traditional surveying methods. Complex projects can be completed faster, and flexibility around accuracy and deliverables enables you to be as flexible as budget or time allow. In addition, the speed of mobile mapping reduces disruption on site. You can be in and out much quicker, with minimal impact to those working at the survey location. 

Mobile Mapping Applications

The mobile mapping technology KOREC provides covers a range of applications, including highway corridor mapping, asset management, manhole or utility mapping, underground scanning, rail management, construction site monitoring and more. 

KOREC’s Mobile Mapping System Range

For large-scale, very-high-point-cloud-density and image-rich mapping missions, look to the vehicle mounted Trimble MX9. Featuring advanced Trimble GNSS and inertial technology, allowing you to drive at highway speeds to rapidly capture high accuracy 3D spatial data, as well as high resolution panoramic and multi-angle images.

For asset management, the highly portable Trimble MX7 imaging system is designed to capture 360 degree, georeferenced imagery which can then be visualised, interpreted and integrated into a GIS system. Ideal for asset managers who need to build complete inventories for road networks, bridges, railways, highways, and airport infrastructure.

For a complete, end-to-end vehicle based inspection system & issue management, take a look at our KlearView 360 solution. Featuring a 360 degree panoramic camera, simply mount the system on your vehicle roof, fire up the asset inspection KOREC Capture app and begin your mapping mission.

Ideal for pavement inspection, road damage, street furniture, and more. View, analyse and create reports easily back in the office, on the K-Portal GIS database system, and issue work management instructions to your mobile workforce with the app.

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