Trimble MX Office Software

Simplicity, Efficiency, and Intelligence

Mobile mapping operations collect massive data sets very quickly. It is important to have the right software tools to simplify data organization, feature extraction, and customer collaboration. Trimble® MX software makes mobile mapping data processing and project management simple and efficient.

Product Information


Key Features

  • Trimble MX Content Manager efficiently cleans and organizes data for deliverable production
  • Trimble MX Asset Modeler easily extracts features and measurements to populate geodatabases and other systems of record
  • Trimble MX Asset Modeler Blur and Erase enables you to remove personalprivacy items, such as car plates and faces.
  • Trimble MX Publisher simplifies the sharing of mobile mapping results with project stakeholders
  • Trimble MX Publisher Plug-ins simplifyaccessing mobile mapping data in many popular GIS and CAD environments

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