New KOREC case study: Land Development Services

One job – two standout reasons to use the Trimble X12 3D Laser Scanner. With an extensive survey fleet to choose from, it was the Trimble X12 that Land Development Services’ Scan Technician Andrew Coggan selected for a recent Measured Building Survey of a nine-storey landmark building in Poole.

One job – two standout reasons to use the Trimble X12 3D Laser Scanner.

With an extensive survey fleet to choose from, it was the Trimble X12 that Land Development Services’ Scan Technician Andrew Coggan selected for a recent Measured Building Survey of a nine-storey landmark building in Poole.

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Experts in the gathering of data since 1969, Wiltshire based Land Development Servicesis a company known for its professionalism (LDS is an RICS Regulated Firm and also a full member of The Survey Association) and its wide range of experience. Over the years, the team has worked on projects as large and varied as raising the roof on a new construction in London and surveying infrastructure for large international sporting events right down to the smallest jobs such as single building elevation surveys and garden projects.

Assisting with the company’s successful reputation in such broad ranging areas is its commitment to investing in groundbreaking survey technology and in particular, Trimble 3D Laser Scanning systems. Supplied by KOREC, the LDS 3D laser scanning fleet includes two Trimble TX8s for precise, HD scanning, an SX10 Scanning Total Station, two X7s for fast scanning and most recently, Trimble’s highest performing laser scanner, the X12.

Responsible for these systems and the main point of contact for any scanning based enquiries or tricky site work is Scan Technician, Andrew Coggan. Familiar with all the survey fleet, it is Trimble’s high-end X12 that Andrew favours for many of the jobs and especially for Measured Building Surveys. Purchased early in 2023, the X12’s high precision data at long range, lightness and size for travelling ensure that it is in almost daily use.

About the Trimble X12 3D Laser Scanner:

Released in July 2022, the Trimble X12 integrates Trimble software for precise data capture and in-field registration (Trimble Perspective) with state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning and imaging hardware technology from Zoller+Fröhlich (Z+F), combining the expertise of two industry leaders into a single solution. The results is a ‘best of both worlds’ combination of Z+F technology and a tried and tested Trimble workflow. The end result is amazingly crisp data. Small for a scanner of this range (0.3 m–365 m) and precision (≤ 1 mm + 10 ppm/m), the compact unit measures just 150 mm (W) x 258 mm (D) x 328 mm (H)) and weighs in at 7.7kg including the batteries. The unit also has a handle is driven via the Trimble T10x Tablet running Trimble’s tried and tested Perspective software which is also common to the Trimble X7 scanner.

One job, two stand out reasons to use the Trimble X12

The landmark nine-storey Barclays House building in the centre of Poole has dominated the town centre’s skyline since its opening in January 1976. Following a decision by the bank to relocate its staff to Bournemouth, LDS was contacted to create elevation drawings of the whole building which is made up of three conjoined octagons. This was followed up by a further request to deliver a roof plan and detailed plans of the three concrete, spiral staircase fire escapes which run down the centre of each of the octagons from top to bottom. The landings were also requested. Whilst Andrew had access to all of the LDS laser scanning fleet, he felt that the X12 was the only option for this job for two reasons:

Point cloud showing the three spiral staircases

Firstly, the Trimble X12 can scan at a short range of just 0.3m and also has a minimal ‘blind spot’ which is considerably smaller than that of other scanners, to the extent that you can see the tripod legs. This would mean that Andrew could complete the staircase scans far faster because fewer setups would be required – around half as many compared to using an alternative scanner.

Secondly, for this job, Andrew required the distance that the X12 can measure whilst still delivering high-quality, crisp data. The X12’s long range would allow him to link data from the roof to the surrounding buildings at floor level. This would enable registration from the ground to the roof, even on a nine-storey building.

“The distance, speed and smart light features were what attracted me to the X12 and this speed, coupled with the clarity of the scans, blows my mind every day.”

Andrew Coggan, Scan Technician, LDS Ltd

Additional benefits

Andrew says that crucial to the success of the job was the Trimble Perspective software which is used to mange the X12 via a Trimble T10x Tablet. The alternative would be to undertake the work ‘blind’ which could have caused a number of problems when processing the data. Instead, onsite registration means that Andrew could check that he had captured all the data he required before leaving the site.

Using the X12’s range to link scan data from the roof to a nearby building

Overall, Andrew completed 157 scans internally (including the roof ones) and a further 127 externally. He used three setting; low-setting (0:46) for the internals, mid-setting (1:34) for the roof with two set ups using the high-setting window scans in each.

Andrew concludes, “The speed of the X12 coupled with the clarity of the scans blows my mind every day and it’s exceeded my expectations. Additionally, although we’re pretty adept at dealing with any issues we may have on site, KOREC is always there to help us and we have a good rapport with them.”

If you’d like to know more about the X12, please contact our 3D Laser Scanning Sector Specialist, Melvin Penwill at watch our X12 webinar here where you can request an access code.

Andrew Coggan (right) takes delivery of the new LDS Trimble X12 and T10x Tablet pictured with KOREC scan specialist, Melvin Penwill (left)

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