Trimble X12 Laser Scanner

3D Laser Scanning has evolved

The Trimble® X12 scanning system unites the best of both worlds with industry-leading hardware and Trimble’s powerful, ultra-efficient Trimble Perspective software for guaranteed peak performance.

No more complicated workflows. No complex registration process. No compromises in accuracy, speed, range or imaging.

High resolution, accurate point cloud data

  • Scan up to 2.18 million points per second with a range of 365m
  • Range noise of 0.2mm and density of 0.6mm at 10m

Sharp, clean image acquisition

  • Experience breathtaking colourisation of your point cloud data with parallax free images
  • Smart light, LED spotlights of 700 lumen improve image acquisition in poor light conditions and even completely dark environments

Quick, flexible point cloud capture

  • Full dome scans as fast as 23 seconds, complemented with the ability to quickly and efficiently scan areas of interest at high quality settings
  • A minimum scan range of 0.3m, allowing you to capture more detail in tight spaces

Unparalleled Ease of Use

  • Automatic in-field registration, refinement, reports and exports with Trimble Perspective on the T10x tablet
  • Comprehensive and user friendly on board interface

Suitable for a huge range of applications;

  • Topographic / General Surveys
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Industrial Surveys
  • Forensics
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Digital Twins
  • Tank Calibration & Inspection
  • Shipbuilding Surveys


Product Information


Key Features

  • Simple field workflows, suitable for all users
  • Clearly view and validate scans and images on the fly
  • Unmatched HDR image quality and integrated LED spots to capture dark environments
  • Robust IP54 rating and industry-leading 2-year standard warranty
  • Integrates with both Trimble & non-Trimble software


Tech Specs

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