Environmental Surveying

KOREC and Trimble solutions are used by a number of organisations involved in the environmental sector. For Mapping GIS we can supply a range of handheld GNSS devices that can be used to accurately record environmental assets or report environmental incidents.

The tools and equipment below include total stations, laser scanners, GNSS receivers, surveying drones and software and can be used for various environmental applications, including flood risk assessment and monitoring coastal erosion.

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“Typically we spend approx 75% of our working year surveying with the R8’s and results are comfortably inside the +/-30mm tolerance that we require. We undertake Interim Profile surveys during the Spring and Autumn months, Beach Management Plan surveys in the summer months and Post Storm surveys in the winter months. Over time we can identify whether each of the profiles are eroding or accreting and this information supports sound decision making in the long term.”

Dan Amos, Worthing Borough Council

What Is Environmental Surveying?

Environmental surveying uses tools and techniques to understand the impact that environmental factors could have on a construction or development job, as well as the impact that job will have on the surrounding environment. This can include a few main areas:

Flood Risk Assessment: Using the proper tools, an environmental surveyor will be able to understand the potential impact of large rainfall on an area and whether or not there is a concern for flooding.

Contaminated Land Assessment: If an area of land was near a site used for industrial waste, then there could be potential for contamination. Environmental surveyors will collect positional and attribute information with their devices that will help determine whether that land is safe or not

Environmental Screening: An overall environmental screening will provide a general overview of the risks associated with working in a specific environment. An environmental screening will help you determine if the ground is safe to build on if there are gas pipes in the area, sinkholes, contamination, and anything else of note.

Fire Risk Assessment: During this assessment, surveyors will identify anything that poses a fire risk. All businesses in the UK have a fire risk assessment.

What Is Environmental Monitoring?

Environmental monitoring is a phrase that refers to the tools and techniques used to observe an environment, collect information, and measure environmental parameters. This can help to identify changes over time, undertake a complicated project, or learn essential information about the environment.

The main purpose of environmental monitoring is to understand and minimise the impact that an organisation has on the environment as it continues to grow. This can help the organisation take essential steps to lessen their carbon footprint, encourage growth of the natural environment around the buildings or areas, and have an overall understanding of their impact on the nearby environment.

Environmental monitoring can include monitoring the air, water, and soil near the area and are a great way to monitor the impact that we as individual humans and as a society have on the environment around us.

What Tools Do Environmental Surveyors Use?

The tools offered here are perfect for environmental surveyors. From surveying drones to laser scanners to tripods to software, we offer all the tools you could need to collect information about environmental conditions. The technology we offer includes high quality sensors that quickly assess an area and store the data. This can be done multiple times over a period of time to monitor the environmental changes that occur.

Why Choose KOREC?

We’ve been providing high quality products and expertise to surveying professionals for over 50 years. Over that time, we’ve worked extensively in all areas of industry, including the environmental sector. We are also proud to have been a Trimble partner for over 20 years, working with this industry-leading brand to bring its innovative technology to the UK and Ireland markets. 

With KOREC, you’ll benefit from our full expertise to truly get the best from your product. Not just in advising you on your product, but also offering training, calibration, maintenance and technical support over the course of its lifespan.

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