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Why Trimble’s R10 technology really packs a punch

29 January 2018

Since its launch in 2012 the R10 has proved to be one of KOREC’s best selling products. It’s generated more KOREC case studies than any other Trimble instrument and provided us with a CES magazine front cover photograph that became recognisable across the world.
But what do KOREC customers value most about their Trimble R10’s performance? Of course there are honourable mentions for all the R10’s patented technologies including:

• Trimble CenterPoint RTX delivering GNSS corrections via satellite or internet connection with unprecedented speed and accuracy for a PPP solution
• Trimble xFill ensuring less downtime in the field, with continuous RTK coverage during connection outages from an RTK base station or VRS network
• Trimble SurePoint fully compensating for pole tilt for the convenient measurement of points that were otherwise inaccessible with complete quality assurance

But coming in at number 1 is the R10’s cutting edge Trimble HD-GNSS processing engine which simply enables surveyors to measure points more quickly!

Here’s why the R10’s HD-GNSS processing engine makes it the industry’s turn to GNSS solution:
Trimble has a strong history of in-house is development which is why we have HD-GNSS, the ‘quiet’ hero of the R10. In keeping with Trimble’s ability to produce systems aimed specifically at the needs of the land surveyor, the HD-GNSS processing engine of the R10 provides markedly reduced convergence times as well as high position and precision reliability when compared to earlier processing engines, especially in poor GNSS environments. Key benefits Trimble HD-GNSS delivers include:

• Increased initialisation speed
• Improved real-time measurement precision
• Elimination of the possibilities of a “bad fix”
• Increased reliability of precision reporting
• Reduced post processing complexity for the user

The R10 is based around the Trimble Maxwell-6 custom integrated circuit technology for GNSS signal processing RTK calculations are performed in the R10 with a microprocessor that has more magnitude and is more powerful than anything before it and also more energy efficient. The shift to this new methodology makes it possible for Trimble to continue to improve performance as GNSS constellations develop.
Fully scaleable through firmware and software updates, HD-GNSS is well positioned to take full advantage of additional GNSS satellites and signals to further improve surveying in increasingly demanding field conditions.
All this is possible because, unlike most other providers of survey grade GNSS, development is in-house and fully under Trimble’s control allowing the company to meet a very specific set of requirements, namely those of the surveyor in the field.
Download the Trimble HD-GNSS white paper for full details or call your regional KOREC survey consultant for a demo.


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