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12 January 2021

Versatile, cost-effective, rugged and the ideal half-way house between a phone and a tablet, the Trimble’s TDC600 rugged Android mobile device is now a perfect fit for the land surveyor as well as the mapping professional. Why? …. because it now supports Trimble Access 2020!

If you’re after something with more functionality than the TSC3, but maybe more cost-effective and a lot smaller than our top of the range TSC7, then the TDC600 is well worth a look.

Access will look and feel exactly the same on a Trimble TDC600 (right) as it does on a TSC7


There are many reasons why we feel the TDC600 is the perfect fit for all geospatial professionals land surveyors and field data collectors alike, but here are just six of them:

  1. Trimble Access 2020 is now available on the TDC600 – that means lower-cost entry for those wanting to use Trimble Access software and its familiar workflows
  2. It fits in your back pocket and it’s highly portable – for example you can use the Bluetooth link to Trimble’s R12i (and other Trimble GNSS) to create one of the lightest systems available!
  3. Large capacity, user replaceable, all day battery. With a light system you could be travelling further and will need that all-day battery life.
  4. It’s a smartphone as well, all be it an ultra-rugged one (IP67) with a 15cm HD screen display, which is great for reducing the number of devices required in the field
  5. You can perform robotic surveys by connecting your TDC600 to your instrument using the Trimble TDL2.4 radio.
  6. For field data collectors, it’s the perfect platform for KOREC’s K-Mobile data capture software and fully compatible with the Trimble Catalyst™ on demand GNSS positioning service

Our KOREC mapping expert, Richard Gauchwin has given it a thorough testing and declared it ‘…the best device I’ve seen from Trimble that does everything exactly as it says it will and makes a perfect system with Trimble Catalyst and K-Mobile.”

Our SW area Regional Sales Director Rob Judge rates its tidy form factor, ‘….pocket sized and lightweight, I’d recommend the TDC600 to all those surveyors who have to cover large sites or walk long distances but still want the full functionality of Access software and a decent screen that can be viewed landscape or portrait.’

Versatile, cost-effective, rugged and the ideal half-way house between a phone and a tablet, Trimble’s TDC600 rugged, Android mobile device is now a perfect fit for the land surveyor as well as the mapping professional. Why? …. because it now supports Trimble Access 2020!

However, who better to ask than KOREC customer, Ted Harland, Managing Director of Tri-Tech Ltd?

One of the first to purchase a TDC600 for use with his Trimble fleet was Ted Harland, Managing Director of Yorkshire based Tri-Tech Ltd. With an extensive portfolio of Trimble equipment including Trimble’s most recent release, the R12i GNSS, Ted heard about the TDC600 from a fellow surveyor and was initially attracted to it as an alternative to his Windows based Trimble TSC3 and TSC7 data loggers. As a Google Drive user for storage he knew that the Android interface would offer seamless integration as well as providing a potentially useful upgrade to his TSC3’s. He has therefore been testing it rigorously over the past weeks and has kindly shared his thoughts with the KOREC team.

“I’ve been very, very impressed with the TDC600 for a number of reasons. The modern Android interface brings all the slickness, ease of use and extended functionality you’d expect including access to the apps store so that whilst I’m in the field I can now use a CAD viewer, a calculator and of course regularly check weather updates. However the main plus is that it’s a fantastic platform for Access 2020 which is far slicker to use than its Windows counterpart and brings additional features such as a split screen and quick start up.

However, the proof of any piece of kit is how it functions in the field under typical site conditions. I’ve used the TDC600 with gloves on, I’ve used it in the lashing rain and it has still delivered great performance. It’s very light, and when combined with our Trimble R12i, it will be the lightest solution we have, something that all our surveyors will appreciate. I’ve also linked it up to our Trimble Robotic Total Stations using an external radio, something that took me just a few minutes to do. Whilst it’s not a replacement for the TSC7 which is a real workhorse, it will definitely be a useful, slick and cost-effective addition to our fleet. I’m impressed.”

About Tri-Tech

Based in Yorkshire but operating nationally, Tri-Tech Ltd is an innovative UK Surveying and Site Engineering company offering a wide range of Land and Engineering Surveying Services both to the public and private sectors.

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