Release notes for TBC 5.1 and Access 2019.00

TBC 5.1 and Access 2019.00 have just come out.

Trimble Access version 2019.00 includes a new CAD toolbar to simplify linework creation and support for web map services for map background data. It also provides improvements to scan data display, and Favourites and Functions. IFC enhancements include improved display and layer control, faster model loading, support for large coordinate system translations, and the ability to create the center point on a surface for staking and measure to IFC surfaces.

Trimble Access version 2019.00 is now a 64-bit application and the following apps are available now: General Survey, Roads, Tunnels, Mines, Pipelines and Monitoring.

View the release notes here:

TBC 5.1

Tutorial Video

Access 2019.00

Tutorial video

Improvements include:

Trimble Access 2019.00

  • WMS map service
  • IFC enhancements
  • SX10 Point cloud viewing enhancements
  • New CAD Toolbar
  • Group favourites
  • SX10 zoom function keys
  • DXF and LandXML enhancements


TBCv 5.10

  • Feature Code Library creation from within TBC
  • IFC enhancements to go with TA
  • Labelling enhancements
  • Corridor and mass haul enhancements
  • Mobile Mapping Enhancements
  • Scanning as canning work flow enactments