Parrot ANAFI Ai

ANAFI Ai provides professionals features that really matter: 4G as the new communications standard, 48 MP of imaging accuracy, intelligent obstacle avoidance for autonomous photogrammetry missions and a unique robotic platform with the first open-source piloting application. ANAFI Ai embeds a Secure Element that protects both the integrity of the software and the privacy of data transferred.

ANAFI Ai packages include:

1 ANAFI Ai drone
1 hard case
1 Skycontroller 4 remote
1 smart battery
1 USB-PD (Power Delivery) fast charger
1 USB-C – Lightning cable
2 USB-C – USB-C cab
1 additional set of propeller blades

Product Information


Key Features

  • 4G Connectivity
  • 48 MP imaging accuracy
  • Autonomous Photogrammetry
  • Cybersecurity by design


Tech Specs

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