New KOREC case study: 2Can Productions: Navigating event excellence with Trimble’s Catalyst GNSS

How 2Can Productions graduated from using a tape measure, road wheels and string to Trimble’s ground breaking Catalyst GNSS system and the K-MATIC software suite.

How 2Can Productions graduated from using a tape measure, road wheels and string to Trimble’s ground breaking Catalyst GNSS system and the K-MATIC software suite for accurate event planning and setting out.

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2Can Productions is an event site and production management company based in Cardiff with a rich history spanning over two decades,. With over 20 years in the business, Owner Matt Davies has graduated from using a tape measures, road wheels and string for planning and setting-out sites to the ‘game changing’ handheld Trimble GeoExplorer GPS eight years ago and most recently, to Trimble’s ground breaking Catalyst GNSS system with K-MATIC’s K-Capture onboard software.

Whilst Matt’s GeoExplorer had revolutionised the way he undertook topographic and setting-out work eight years earlier, he was increasingly aware that the system lacked the accuracy he required to avoid site issues during set up and that the technology now felt clunky with many steps to achieve the information he required. He therefore came back to KOREC to see what upgrades were available.

While high-precision positioning was crucial for any potential upgrade, Matt recognised that constant centimetre-level accuracy could be a costly endeavour, given his sporadic need for it. It was at this point that KOREC suggested the cost-effective Trimble Catalyst subscription GNSS system. Matt swiftly understood that the system’s user-friendliness, the exceptional value inherent in Catalyst’s subscription model, and the affordability of the necessary hardware, made it an ideal fit for his operational requirements.

This flexibility of Catalyst’s subscriptions allowed him to tailor the system precisely to his needs, which typically involve about 4-5 days of positioning work each month. Matt opted for a 60cm subscription for the majority of his tasks, complemented by hourly 1cm bundles for when the highest level of accuracy was required. The subscription-based model ensured that when the system wasn’t in use, no costs were incurred, making it a perfect fit for his predominantly seasonal work.

He supplemented his Catalyst GNSS with a Trimble’s TDC600 rugged handheld, K-CAPTURE field data software with customisable fields and the KLEARVIEW360 portal for the management and viewing of the collected data.

The new system would assist Matt in two particular areas, site planning and infrastructure set out.

Throughout his career, Matt has tackled projects in extremely confined spaces, ranging from live beachside music events planned between tidal breaks to marathon sites located within built-up city centres. Whilst clients typically have a clear vision of the required event infrastructure, Matt understands that the key to a successful execution of often ambitious plans, lies in conducting meticulous topographical surveys of the event area. This is particularly critical in city centres, where elements like post boxes, parking bays, and street furniture can significantly impede the design process.

Using the Catalyst system, Matt was able to carry out highly accurate topographic surveys, usually over a period of two days, which would ensure that on setup day, the team could be confident that infrastructure such as marquees would be guaranteed to fit within the design spec – a process where even a metre difference could cause chaos.

Additionally, Matt has harnessed the system to gain deeper insights into how the natural environment can impact a site—a dimension often left uncharted on conventional maps. For instance, factors like tree canopies and the true width of a hedge, which can extend up to 10 meters in depth but are only represented as lines on maps, become vital considerations. On a particular occasion, when faced with the unforeseen depth of a hedge, Matt was able to record its actual dimensions on-site, allowing him to immediately adjust the design to accommodate the real-world conditions.

Finally, being able to take the system on site during ops meetings with the client has greatly improved communication in what previously could be a lengthy process. The ability to show the design on screen enables the client to see exactly how the site will look once set up and any problems can be spotted early and corrected.

In the second phase of Matt’s operation, he meticulously executes the infrastructure layout in accordance with the on-site design—a service that Matt also offers as a standalone option. This service has taken him to a variety of notable events, from this year’s World Triathlon in Sunderland to the Neighbourhood Weekender Festival in Warrington, featuring the iconic band Pulp!

The site can be a pressurised environment and it’s vital that when Matt arrives, he is ready to go with the design uploaded on the Catalyst system. To ensure that this process is always 100% reliable, Matt has worked closely with KOREC to ensure that data held in the KLEARVIEW360 portal can be easily uploaded, facilitated by a new automated ‘upload’ option, and that all the data is present before he arrives on site.

Once on site, Matt works with each contractor individually to ensure that they get his full attention whilst the infrastructure is marked out using stakes and spray paint. This also ensures that each contractor gets fresh, accurate information before they begin their set up.

Matt concludes that the Catalyst system and the support from KOREC has played a significant role in the smooth running of this year’s operations. “The system has proved to be instrumental in our ability to foresee numerous issues, ranging  from documenting an underground service beneath a ridge that could have disrupted stage construction to accommodating highly intricate urban designs, such as the logistical challenge presented by the Cardiff half-marathon, involving the meticulous planning for 27,000 runners and their supporters. Throughout the process, KOREC has been an extremely reliable partner even to the extent of once answering a midnight call for help!”

Reliable, affordable, on-demand 1cm accuracy

Easy upload of data from the portal for setting out

Extremely user-friendly system suitable for any member of the team on site

KOREC support and assistance with customisation of the KLEARVIEW360 portal

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