New case study “Time is our most valuable commodity”

Casterbridge Land Surveys Ltd has been putting its new Trimble R12i GNSS to good use as part of an integrated surveying solution that’s increasing site efficiency by 30-50% and saving up to 3 hours a day.

Casterbridge Land Surveys Ltd. has been putting its new Trimble R12i GNSS to good use as part of an integrated surveying solution that’s increasing site efficiency by 30-50% and saving up to 3 hours a day.

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Based in the beautiful county of Dorset, Casterbridge Land Surveys Ltd. is a busy practice with a high demand for its range of services. The company prides itself on offering cost-effective and reliable surveys backed up by a personal and personable approach.

Director & Principal, Joel Scragg is familiar with the pressures of balancing a busy order book with the attendant demands on his staff and survey equipment fleet. In recent years, this has seen the company switch to a predominantly Trimble portfolio and also move away from hiring instruments, such as the Trimble R12i, in favour of purchasing them. This has enabled the company to better plan its schedule and also respond quickly to last minute requests without having to await the arrival of hire instruments.

The Trimble R12i – an easy choice for better site efficiency

Already familiar with the benefits of the R12i through a number of hires, Joel says that as a purchase it was an easy decision to make. In particular he rates the increased productivity that both the ProPoint technology (superior performance in degraded GNSS conditions ) and Tip Tilt Compensation technology (for accurate laying out and measuring points without precisely levelling the pole) have delivered, backing up Trimble’s claim of a better than 30% performance in challenging environments.

About Integrated Surveying

Integrated Surveying solutions allow users to easily connect to and control survey instruments without having to exchange field devices or use different field software applications.

Integrated Surveying offers many benefits, including:

Surveyors can efficiently establish site control via postprocessing, RTK and conventional survey instruments with a single controller and field software.

Surveyors only have to learn one field software application, making them more productive more quickly.

GNSS techniques can extend a total station survey without the need for extensive traversing, which saves time on site.

Surveyors have more flexibility when performing topographic surveys in that the most appropriate survey tool depending on the environmental conditions of the site.

Since the technologies are complimentary, a surveyor can use the most appropriate tool to complete a survey using the same data collector and job file. This saves time and minimises user errors.

Integrated Surveying – improving site efficiency by a further 20%

With a full time R12i in the fleet, Joel & his colleague, Tom Gilchrist, have had the opportunity to fully exploit its functionality and benefit from using it as part of an integrated surveying solution.

In an integrated survey, the controller is connected to both a conventional survey instrument and a GNSS receiver at the same time. Joel’s Trimble Access software running on a TSC5 data logger can then seamlessly switch between the two instruments, within the same job, depending on the environmental conditions of the site.

Using a Trimble R12i, S5 Robotic Total Station, TSC5 logger running Access software and an MT100 Multitrack prism (superior lock-on for working in busy surroundings), Joel estimates that he can save up to 3 hours of site time each day depending on the project. “Previously, we’d have to offset for building corners or inaccessible points but the easy toggling between the R12i and S5 means that on a couple of recent topographical survey  projects, we’ve easily been cutting that site time by 30-50% and that’s time that we can usefully invest elsewhere for our clients.”

On a recent challenging job on Portland, by using integrated surveying, Joel was able to complete the project site works in a shorter timeframe whilst keeping the team safe on site. “This was a project comprising a quarry, storage yard  and various working outbuildings all in a busy environment. Whereas we were able to do much of the work with the R12i, the ability to undertake an integrated survey to measure eaves and ridge positions meant we could choose our positions to ensure that we collected the maximum amount of data from each setup, mitigating the ‘dead time’ that setups can take. This also meant we could work well within the site safety regulations”

Casterbridge Land Surveys Ltd Surveyor Tom Gilchrist has appreciated the peace of mind that integrated surveying brings, knowing that he can complete jobs far faster than previously and always within schedule. However, he is also aware of the irony that, thanks to the superior performance of the Trimble R12i, the requirement for integrated surveying is greatly reduced!

Clear benefits

Extremely easy to toggle seamlessly between the R12i and S5 using the TSC5 controller

A gain of around 3 hours in every day depending on the site

Better scheduling of surveys, confident that all the data will be collected, even with unexpected site


Ability to deliver high quality and timely data to our clients