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Inside the Trimble SX12: Deep Dive into Trimble SX12 VISION System and Laser Pointer

6 April 2021

Date: Tuesday 6 April Time: 3pm BST The visible range of total station laser pointers is often quite limited, especially in bright sunlight. The Trimble SX12, however, boasts a bright, focusable, and accurate laser pointer that greatly increases both visibility and range. Most total stations also utilize a traditional eyepiece for aiming, whereas the SX12 uses […]

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Trimble Forensics – How to work with the new Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station in Law Enforcement

18 March 2021

Date: Thursday 18th March Time: 5pm GMT Join Trimble’s product marketing manager to learn everything about the new Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station.

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Introducing the Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station

2 March 2021

Date: Tuesday 2nd March Time: 3pm GMT Join Trimble’s optical product marketing team to learn everything about the new SX12 Scanning Total Station. The Trimble SX12 is the one instrument you need to handle any survey project by integrating surveying, imaging and 3D scanning capabilities into your everyday workflow.

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Ask the Scanning Experts

25 February 2021

Date: Thursday 25 February Time: 3pm GMT Join the Trimble scanning team for an hour to answer all of your scanning questions!

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Trimble X7 and Perspective – New Features and Software Updates

10 December 2020

In this webinar, we take you through all the new exciting features for the Trimble X7 Firmware and Perspective Software. Date: Thursday 10 December Time:  3pm GMT To attend this webinar, please register by clicking the button below.

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Trimble TX Series Scanners: Power, Performance and Precision

30 June 2020

This Webinar ran on 30 April 2020 Explore the pinnacle of laser scanning technology with the Trimble TX scanner range

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The ONE that started it all

This Webinar ran on 23 April 2020 Follow the monumental journey of the Trimble SX10 and see how it has become the single must-have piece of equipment for surveyors. This webinar will showcase KOREC’s customer journeys on how they’ve utilised the SX10 in innovative ways to overcome traditional survey challenges.

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X7 for Geospatial Professionals

Session 1 ran on 19 March 2020 Session 1 focuses on the unique hardware features of the X7, including; Unique & market-leading features of the X7, including auto-calibration and auto-registration Overview of the product features & specifications suitable to multiple industries – range, scan time, coverage, IP rating, etc. The session is hosted by KOREC’s […]

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X7 for Geospatial Professionals

Session 2 ran on 26 March 2020 The X7 and Perspective workflow has been expertly designed for the surveyor. In this webinar we will take you through the workflow to demonstrate why the system is the ideal choice for industrial surveys, civil infrastructure, topographical and general surveys.

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X7 for Construction Professionals

Session 3 ran on 31 March 2020 – Watch the recording via this link The X7 and Field Link workflow has been built with the construction professional in mind. Manage your X7 with the same easy to use software as your setting-out process, while also viewing scan data immediately in the field. In this webinar […]

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Case Studies
  • A combination of two Trimble GPS solutions, the R10 Receiver and Trimble Catalyst (a unique subscription-based GPS solution)

    Tackling knotweed with high accuracy GNSS Read More >
  • Trimble VRS Now has been used to replace a base station bringing even greater coverage and improved efficiency to the Hydrographic Survey Team at ABP Southampton.

    Supporting the safe navigation of vessels within the Port of Southampton Read More >
Case Studies
Latest News
  • “Trimble VRS Now can be summed up in a single word – reliability.” Neil Jefferies, Greenhatch Group Director     There are many reasons why KOREC customers rate Trimble’s VRS Now Service but in all the years since it’s release, the top four haven’t changed at all – accuracy, flexibility, reliability and availability – all […]

    Trimble VRS Now – no base station required! Read More >
  • Did you know that the Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner has an integrated calibration feature that offers full auto-calibration of range and angular systems in 25 seconds with no user interaction or targets? This Trimble technology is a smart feature that monitors environmental temperature, ambient light, vibration, instrument temperature and vertical speed to take the […]

    The Trimble X7 auto-calibrates – five reasons why this matters Read More >
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