Trimble Dimensions – what did our customers rate?

Many thanks to the KOREC customers who joined us for the three days and have kindly shared their highlights. Trimble’s in-development SiteVision certainly caused a stir as did the HoloLens solution and the just released v5 of Trimble Business Center. With 4800 registered attendees from over 95…

Many thanks to the KOREC customers who joined us for the three days and have kindly shared their highlights.

Trimble’s in-development SiteVision certainly caused a stir as did the HoloLens solution and the just released v5 of Trimble Business Center.

With 4800 registered attendees from over 95 countries, Trimble’s Las Vegas Dimensions event is huge!


Steve Jones, Commercial Manager, Severn Partnership

Dimensions brings together Trimble professionals and instrument users from all over the world and having the chance to talk to them, along with KOREC experts, was invaluable. Many of us face the same commercial challenges, irrespective of where we work, and there are solutions out there – this was the perfect forum to learn about them. I’m particularly interested in how we can take Trimble’s innovative technology and use it, not to replace what we already have, but to discover new applications that will add value for our clients, improve workflows and help business grow. We’re always asking how we can do things better and Dimensions has provided plenty of exciting ideas. The Trimble SX10 is a great example of this and the presentation based on a job in Alaska really showed off its scan speed and the high quality of the point cloud generated, even in the toughest conditions.

Other developments, such as the streamlining of workflows, handling of multiple data sets in a single environment (TBC v.5)  and of course seeing how technology can be used away from a laptop/office environment via apps such as the monitoring app, or through the adoption of Trimble’s Catalyst solution, were also thought provoking. Using Trimble Catalyst, it would be relatively straightforward for us to create our own apps that could, for example, augment our asset/utility data collection and that is particularly exciting.

Overall, Dimensions was a fantastic experience and not a single minute of it was wasted time thanks to KOREC and Trimble’s hard work!”

The badge says it’s definitely Steve Jones under the HoloLens!

Mark Lawton, Chief Engineering Surveyor, Skanska

“The sessions on Trimble Business Center were particularly educational, especially now that it is merged with the Heavy and Highways edition which means just one platform and one software for our IT to support. Whilst there is a strong focus on 3D, TBC still has lots of useful 2D functionality that remains relevant, especially for quantity surveyors, for example, take-off.

HoloLens and the mixed reality world is another interesting area. I was lucky enough to come away with a mixed reality unit and will be investigating the applications that are most appropriate to both Skanska and the industry as a whole. We also got a sneak preview of a new product with ‘yes’ ‘no’ brain wave reading capacity.

However, the stand out benefit was having all Trimble’s experts and developers in one place for a session where I could pitch and share ideas with the decision makers.”

Mark presented at Dimensions: “The successful implantation of technology on the A14 improvement scheme” Pictured here with KOREC’s Jared Pogmore (left) and Elly Ball (right)


Paul Henzell, Director, Three 60 Mapping Ltd

“Dimensions was a great opportunity to find out more about mixed and augmented reality and I’ll definitely be looking at SiteVision when it comes live in 2019. It’s a high accuracy mixed reality system that uses a Trimble Catalyst receiver to link design models and current site conditions. For me it’s is an obvious choice for a move into this type of technology and something I can see myself integrating into my projects.

It was also interesting to see the autonomous vehicles off site.  Las Vegas clearly showed how forward looking Trimble is making Dimensions a very worthwhile event.”

Paul’s SX10 photo was used in a keynote presentation by Trimble Senior VP, Bryn Fosburgh


Neil Jefferies, Director, Greenhatch Group Ltd

“My sights were primarily set on increasing the productivity of our SX10 Scanning Total Station. Its flexibility is second to none and we have been able to tackle a vast number of projects with one single instrument in a world where the geospatial surveyor’s tool bag (or wish list!) is getting bigger and bigger. The SX10 can tackle a multitude of tasks in one convenient package thus negating the need for a variety of equipment.

The Dimensions sessions were informative, interesting, numerous and varied and provided a very detailed insight into the many capabilities of the Trimble solutions, with the majority of talks provided by people who use the products day in day out.”


Wayne Nolan, Senior Site Engineer, Felix O’Hare & Co Ltd

“It was great to see how other construction contractors are implementing digital construction; from the design process, the procurement of materials and the construction activities on the site. It really does show how far advanced some countries are in relation to BIM and digital construction relative the UK and Ireland!

Virtual Design Construction (VDC) is key for many contractors in the States where they plan the work and work the plan through VDC processes between key stakeholders, within the office and of course in the field. One area in particular which I would love to see implemented more in our construction industry is the 3D modelling of steel reinforcement/rebar and the formwork elements – as used during the construction of the Museum of the Future in Dubai by BAM International. This really does highlight construction innovation in practice – to see how far the industry has come over the past few years is truly amazing!

In particular, it was great to see how other construction companies are using field technology such as Trimble FieldLink to carry out their day to day layout activities to ensure efficient workflows are maintained in both the office and in the field. Being able to compare my own workflows on site to others proved invaluable. I was able to take away some great knowledge, tips and tricks to make my daily layout and validation techniques more effective and efficient on site.

The conference proved that Trimble really are market leaders with the digital transformation within today’s construction industry with the future of construction being – Connected, Content-Enabled and Constructible within the various areas of Architecture, Civils, Structures and MEP. The services they offer and the software solutions available to the industry are second to none whilst always striving for improvement and innovative ideas to ensure client demands are met!

Being able to see the new Trimble Business Centre V5 software that’s just been released gave a good insight into how workflows are being integrated and results are maximised – as a construction company this is something we see as a valuable tool within our construction processes to ensure we have the most modern software technologies available to provide the best possible data.

However, it was the Trimble HoloLens and the Trimble SiteVision that really stood out for me! Being able to utilise mixed reality for project co-ordination really will be a game changer for Trimble by providing precise holographic models and data in the real world. Being able to show stakeholders and clients the finished product by just wearing an advanced hard hat whilst standing in a green field site before the project has even commenced is truly amazing and speaks volumes for Trimble’s commitment to digital construction and innovation! It’s like seeing into the future – an impressive piece of kit which I hope to have the guys from KOREC on site for a demo in the near future.

Seeing Trimble SiteVision at the off-site Expo really impressed…it’s a relatively cost effective solution with cm accuracy using Trimble Catalyst and a mobile device or tablet – to be able to stand a see utilities and services in the ground along with drainage lines and manholes will really be fascinating for the construction industry in the UK and Ireland! This will revolutionise the industry in the coming months and years ahead whilst showing how the construction will fit into the existing environment and how services can be seen below your feet without having to put a digger bucket in the ground! Not only will this benefit the industry but it will also enhance the safety of the industry dramatically for machine operatives as it will be a valuable tool in preventing damage to services within the ground etc. and they will be seen before work commences! An amazing piece of kit!

All in all, the conference from start to finish the conference was excellent and an experience I will never forget. The hospitality shown by the guys from KOREC and Trimble was second to none – I cannot thank you guys enough for the opportunity to attend such an event. It really was a privilege to be a part of it as a guest with KOREC. Great time had with good people – making new contacts proved invaluable to me for the future!

Wayne Nolan (far right) with KOREC’s Fran Mullally (left) and Shane Murtagh (middle)