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Total Station. Total Peace of Mind.

Furloughs. Lockdowns. Travel Restrictions. We’re well aware that 2020 has been rather…unpredictable.

And while your business doesn’t like uncertainty, we also know that in order to remain competitive and productive, you want access to the best survey equipment there is.

That’s why we decided to build a total station package that gives you reassurance and certainly for the coming years, whilst providing you with the most reliable & rugged total stations on the market today.

We call it, the Total Peace of Mind package.

What’s the deal?

Here’s our offer;

Purchase any of the Trimble S-Series total stations (that’s the S5, S7, or S9) before the end of November, and we’ll give you a 3-year subscription to the KOREC Total Care Package, at no extra cost.

KOREC Total Care Package

  • Annual unit calibration
  • Non-damage related repairs
  • Locate 2 Protect coverage, so you can track your equipment if lost or stolen
  • Software & Firmware updates for Trimble Access & Robotic
  • 5% off hire costs for a replacement unit, if required
  • Dedicated specialist technical phone support

All included, for 3 years.

Just a little something from us, to make the future a little less uncertain.


To find out more, why not Contact Us today?

Or find out more about the kit, by visiting our Total Station page.

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