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The Trimble X7 auto-calibrates – five reasons why this matters

14 April 2021

Did you know that the Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner has an integrated calibration feature that offers full auto-calibration of range and angular systems in 25 seconds with no user interaction or targets?

This Trimble technology is a smart feature that monitors environmental temperature, ambient light, vibration, instrument temperature and vertical speed to take the guesswork out of your data.

With all the X7’s unique benefits, it’s possible that this one can get overlooked but in fact, when we talk to KOREC customers, they cite the low running costs and maintenance of their X7 as one of the major factors behind their purchasing decision.

Here are five reasons why auto-calibration really delivers:

  • The X7 is an instrument used in many industries and not just by surveyors – auto-calibration guarantees high-quality data every time you turn on your X7 by removing concerns about whether the instrument is producing accurate scans, especially after transporting it to a project.
  • Auto-calibration can save you in excess of £3k-4k a year. This was the figure calculated by Yorkshire based Centara in a recent case sudy taking into account the need to pay for the work, the transportation the instrument and its replacement with a hire instrument during the process. Instead, Centara were able to use saved cash to invest in additional equipment that they were not expecting to purchase until the next financial year.
  • Auto-calibration means the X7 stays active on your fleet. With other manufacturers this process can see the instrument sent abroad for periods of up to 2-3months.
  • The X7 is the first 3D laser scanner that offers smart auto-calibration and an industry-leading two-year warranty to back it up.
  • Certification is provided each time the X7 auto-calibrates, Our KOREC Technical Tips video below shows exactly how it’s done.

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