Surrey Police and Sussex Police invest in Trimble X7 Laser Scanning technology

Our team of experts including Cesar Almeida, Melvin Penwill and Rob Judge were on hand to deliver the nine units to the forces

We’re delighted to announce that the hard work of KOREC Regional Director Barry Monk and our KOREC team of scanning/forensic specialists has resulted in a significant investment in Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanners by Surrey and Sussex Police.

KOREC expertise in forensics! From left to right Cesar Almeida, Melvin Penwill and Rob Judge

The nine new X7’s have already been delivered and we were pleased to be there on the day to ensure that the handover went smoothly.

From left to right, Heather Penny, Chief Inspector Pip Taylor and Stephen Dessouki-Harman

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Whilst the benefits of the Trimble X7 are relevant to a wide range of users including surveying practices, construction companies, architects, steel manufacturers, and many more have been well documented, the demands of police forensic work require an instrument that can deliver in very specific areas which is why the X7 has proved to be an excellent match:

11 points why the Trimble X7 is a perfect match for forensic police work

Scan data from the Trimble X7

KOREC’s Barry Monk explains why the X7 is a good choice for Surrey Police and Sussex Police chose the Trimble X7

“Working with Surrey Police and Sussex Police on this project was an exciting opportunity to understand the impact a solution such as this can have in ensuring that the requirements of both Police and the public are met.

Breaking down and understanding each element of attending a scene and collecting crucial information was key. The Police have one chance to collect the data in one visit and not miss a thing. With the Trimble X7 solution we were able to tick so many boxes. It is compact and lightweight with all the accessories in a single, easy to carry lightweight backpack and the X7 even has handle which are important aspects when it comes to transporting it quickly on to a scene. Additionally, the onboard Trimble Forensics Capture software is extremely intuitive to use. The X7 proved quick and easy to set up and GO with auto levelling and confirmed calibration at the beginning of each scan. The 3D visualisation of each scan within the Capture software gave confidence and comfort to the investigator that all data was captured. If there were areas that were missed, an extra scan could be added with ease.

In many of the scenes that the investigators attend, speed with accuracy is key. Once the scene was captured, the investigator could start the registration process in the field or whilst on route to another scene or to the station. The complete point cloud would then be ready to review but it didn’t stop there. Once we had the finished point cloud, putting the data set through to Trimble Forensics Reveal software gave the police the power to verify, understand and produce information to support the outcome of the case. As Trimble’s Reveal software was designed with Forensics investigations in mind, there are many tools to allow the investigator to present that data but also to prove what potentially happened in the incident.

The flexibility of the Trimble X7 linked to the Trimble Forensic Reveal software also enables us to develop for future maybe more complicated scenes for investigation and I am pleased that we will  continue to work with the police and provide future developments.”

KOREC specialises in bringing end to end solutions and our Forensics offering is no exception. As well as the Trimble X7, we also offer Trimble Forensics Reveal, software that gives you all the tools you need to recreate, analyse and visualise crime and crash scene data. Ideal for capturing small data sets using tape measures or total stations and also for managing full 3D scan point clouds.

If you’d like further information on Police/Forensics applications for our Trimble survey solutions, please contact our KOREC specialist in this area, Cesar Almeida.

Cesar can be emailed at or called on 07721 919912.

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