R12 for Landtech Surveys!

Congratulations to Martin Riley, Managing Director of Landtech Surveys, who is one of the first KOREC customers to invest in Trimble’s R12 technology. As a sole proprietor, productivity on site is a key to the smooth running of his business and Martin has been putting his R12 to good use from day 1! Martin is also the winner of this month’s KOREC competition with his video of the R12 and has just received his KOREC goodie bag. He took a couple of minutes to tell us how he’s been getting on:

 “My clients appreciate that technology is constantly improving and evolving and when they see that I am prepared to invest in a new instrument like the Trimble R12 and bring it to their sites, they know that they are getting the very best results achievable.

The R12’s already proved itself on a recent gas pipe survey on a site in Yorkshire covered with mature trees. Having visited the site a couple of months earlier, I’d had to use a total station as well as my R10. When I revisited the site to finish the work, the R12 had no trouble tracking satellites in the same environment. In built up areas I know that I’m going to be more productive, work faster and be less inclined to have to get the total station out.  On another recent project in London where I was surveying in the street, I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy the R12 was getting, even in heavily built up areas.

I also undertake a lot of survey work on behalf of environmental engineers which often sees me working under or amongst tree canopies. At times, I’ve struggled to gain lock with my Trimble R10, but not so with the R12, there is a noticeable improvement in accuracy and convergence times.

With the R12, I know I’ve always got a fighting chance!”