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KOREC to distribute ‘Intelligent Trench’ underground mapping solution

27 April 2011

Trimble NomadKOREC is delighted to announce that it has signed an agreement to become an Intelligent Trench* partner and a UK supplier of the Intelligent Trench underground mapping solution which will allow every road excavation in the UK to be recorded, photographed and mapped on a national database.

The solution has been developed specifically for use by Utilities, Contractors and Local Authorities.  It comprises a Trimble Nomad GPS handheld with U-Track software, a 3MTM DynatelTM Locator, 3M RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) markers with passive RFID tag technology, and a national database with web based access.

The solution works two ways:

Contractors and Utilities can capture and record data on a new excavation for future reference by using the Trimble Nomad handheld to record the GPS coordinates of the marker positions and capture photographs and asset data in a format prescribed by the National Underground Asset Group (NUAG) including attributes such as the material and diameter of the pipe.  Once collected, the U-Track software will automatically upload these records to the Exor managed Intelligent Trench database, either via GPRS or subsequent ActiveSync connection on an internet connected PC.  Surveys can be similarly uploaded and shared for future reference.

Contractors and Utilities can view existing information remotely via the web portal to see what information already exists, or at the location itself in order to safely plan works, carry out carefully targeted digs and avoid 3rd party damage. The DynatelTM locator enables users to home in accurately on the actual location of an existing marker which enables the U-Track software running on the Trimble Nomad to access the records, in the field, from the Exor Intelligent Trench database, reproducing the same photographs that were taken before the excavation was reinstated.

KOREC’s Mapping Consultant Martyn Palmer said, “The Trimble Nomad is the perfect GPS handheld for this solution. Rugged, with 2 to 5 metre real-time accuracy, it also offers a 5 megapixel digital camera with integrated flash, wireless internet connectivity, a barcode scanner (so that each marker can be scanned and given a unique ID) and an RS-232 compatible port for connection to the Dynatel locator. The benefits that this Intelligent Trench solution can offer Utilites, Contractors and Local Authorities are numerous – fewer unnecessary exploratory or ‘dry’ excavations, traceability of all works undertaken, reduced damage to underground assets, a reduction in traffic congestion and of course improved safety for site workers. Collection of data is straightforward, requiring no specialist skills, and subsequent access to the Exor Intelligent Trench database is free for all registered users.”

The Intelligent Trench solution is available now from KOREC and was recently shortlisted in the UK for awards by the National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG) and the Water Industry Achievement Awards (WIAA).

For further information on the Intelligent Trench underground mapping solution, please call KOREC on 0845 603 1214

*3M, Exor, Infotec and Trac-ID have joined forces to offer a solution called Intelligent Trench

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