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K-Mobile updates – problem solving!

20 August 2018

The K-Mobile team is nothing if not accommodating and most of all they enjoy problem solving, no matter how large, or in this case, how small! Here are three of the latest that they’ve been tackling.


Help – no one delivering goods or visiting us on our motorway site can find us!

Large road construction projects are all referenced by chainage so we’ve developed a really useful little function that’s now included in all versions of K-Mobile. Designed to provide users with a free dynamic chainage display on any linear job, it’s ideal for deliveries and visitors who can be provided with access via a link.

We’re collecting information on traffic light conditions but have to open up each individual record to tick a ‘fully functional’ box.  When we have 20 sets of working lights on an intersection this can take 20 minutes. How can we speed up this process?

Welcome to ‘lassoo assets’! It does exactly what the name says and can be used on any asset type allowing for a time saving ‘batch’ approach to changing a field. In this case we developed ‘lassoo assets’ as a useful add-on to K-Mobile, making the process 20x faster. This is just the sort of small development the K-Mobile team can undertake in less than a day!


How can I QA check the offset measurements from my laser rangefinder

With the rise of Trimble Catalyst (software based GNSS) running on tablets, we’re seeing increased usage of the TruPulse laser rangefinder for offset measurements as an alternative to the Trimble GeoExporer with its built -in laser. The K-Mobile team has responded accordingly by enhancing the form that pops up automatically when a laser measurement is taken. You can now store any laser measurement and the coordinates of where you are standing as attributes. Two positions – ideal for QA purposes!

Although developed for handheld lasers, this feature works with any NEMA style BlueTooth device such as sonar devices and radiation detectors.

What would improve your productivity? Please contact the K-Mobile team on 0345 603 1214


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