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Case Studies

KOREC case study – Purposeful innovation: From paper plans to pointclouds with Hillcrest Structural Ltd

21 July 2021

The Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner is proving to be extremely popular with Trimble Tekla users thanks to the FieldLink software that powers it and allows for the seamless import of IFC models (supported by Tekla). Our latest KOREC case study features Hillcrest Structural who were able to reduce labour and plant costs, increase accuracy […]

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KOREC case study – Establishing a ‘single source of truth’

1 July 2021

How Derbyshire County Council is successfully implementing a mobile mapping strategy allowing it to take full control of all its asset data capture and analysis. Asset management is all about understanding a range of assets – from roads and pavements to drains and road signs – and then using this information to prioritise how they […]

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KOREC case study – Information flow with Morrison Water Services

28 April 2021

It’s our thanks to Andrew Stephenson Design Manager, MWS, for this latest KOREC mapping case study focusing on Trimble Catalyst and the KOREC Capture app and portal…..and it’s an easy one to love. Andrew and his team have created a very simple but highly-effective workflow that’s already saved them £20k on the first phase of […]

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KOREC case study – Nugent Manufacturing and the Trimble X7

12 April 2021

Our latest case study comes courtesy of the Nugent Manufacturing team based in Naas Co. Kildare, Ireland. It’s also the first KOREC case study in our new format! Nugent Manufacturing recently invested in a Trimble X7 Laser Scanner and although they are not surveyors by, trade they are achieving exactly the sort of high accuracy […]

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From brief to handover – using the Trimble HoloLens XR10

18 January 2021

‘Innovation and technology’ are the driving forces behind a collaborative approach to projects by Norfolk based architectural design practice XLWerks. The XLWerks team specialises in urban planning and design, interior landscapes and future-proof buildings and works hard to enhance customer engagement in the design process, especially through mixed reality. Step forward the Trimble HoloLens XR10! […]

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Digital Construction workflow for the COVID era

14 January 2021

Whilst 2020 and COVID-19 threw up innumerable challenges for many of us, the construction sector was especially hard hit. But UK & Ireland based ECC Group were determined to keep their clients happy and their projects on track – and they knew that a digital construction workflow was the way to do this – effectively, […]

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New KOREC case study with Centara Ltd – Trimble X7 with Leica Cyclone software

7 January 2021

Our latest KOREC case study is called ‘The best of both worlds’. Why? Because Yorkshire based Centara Ltd wanted to invest in the best 3D laser scanner for their line of work whilst making a choice that took into account many economic considerations including sticking with their existing workflow that included Leica’s Cyclone processing software. […]

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KOREC case study – Willesden Junction Blockade

10 January 2021

Innovation is key when it comes to “Putting the passenger first” The successful 90mph handback of a 400m stretch of the West Coast Mainline during the replacement of Willesden North Junction over Easter has been assisted by the willingness of the S&C South Alliance* to adopt a range of innovative technology during the blockade. This […]

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A very 2020 Solution to Tunnel Monitoring

7 December 2020

Whilst you were sleeping – a tailor-made monitoring solution is set up remotely! In this case by KOREC’s monitoring expert Julian Gray who worked closely on this tunnel monitoring project with Mark Anderson of Academy Geomatics Ltd. Julian says that Mark created one of the best planned and set up installations he’s seen in his […]

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KOREC case study – Let sleeping bats lie!

4 November 2020

We appreciate that bats have had more than their fair share of publicity lately, but this KOREC case study, recently published in GeoConnexionUK, was just too good to keep to ourselves! We love a story that combines innovative technology with a creative solution and this one certainly fits the bill…..Just how do you produce an […]

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New KOREC case study – Tri-Tech surveys corridor mapping

2 April 2020

Our thanks to Ted Harland, Managing Director of Tri-Tech Surveys, for our latest senseFly eBee X story. Ted and his team know eBee technology inside out and achieve some amazing results with their drone. This latest project saw them undertake a 4km corridor mapping project in a single morning achieving exactly the crisp, clear images […]

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New Korec case study – Monitoring with Senceive sensors

25 March 2020

Our thanks to Keating Project Manager, Steven Heaney, for suppling the information for our latest case study ‘Confidence Assured’ which looks at how a network of Senceive sensors was used to monitor a protected wall at Greenore Port in Ireland during refurbishment works. This will be the featured case study in our upcoming KOREC Ireland […]

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New KOREC case study – let sleeping bats lie!

10 February 2020

Has it really been over 2 years since the launch of the Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station? We can’t believe it either! However, it’s been particularly interesting over the last year to see the breadth of applications expand so significantly as surveyors and engineers, familiar with the technology, become highly resourceful in the new ways […]

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New Korec case study – Mobile Mapping – MX9

5 February 2020

Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors is the latest KOREC customer to talk to us about how their team used KOREC Professional Services and the Trimble MX9 to capture information on Wrexham’s A483, all with minimal traffic management. Read the case study here. Our thanks to Survey Manager, Andrew Thompson, for providing the background and pictures for […]

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New KOREC case study – jetty piles

6 January 2020

Undertaking a jetty survey for a large international port on the south coast brings its own unique set of challenges. Brunel Surveys’ Peter Worthington tackles the access difficulties of a twenty-four hour working port, a swaying boat as a base from which to survey, a tiny tidal window and the need to accurately survey the […]

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New KOREC case study

16 December 2019

Our thanks to Gareth Price of O’Brien Contractors for supplying all the information and pictures for our first Trimble SiteVision case study. Carrying out enabling works on the Dudley Very Light Railway Innovation Centre, Gareth reports that easy design visualisation, validation of works and the ability to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders were […]

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New KOREC casestudy

11 July 2019

Combining Trimble SX10 and ZEB-HORIZON data for a high-rise facade survey Our latest casestudy looks at the new level of service on offer from KOREC hire. Working closely with the customer, Jake Gaskell of JWG, KOREC Hire was able to come up with a solution designed to tackle a high-rise survey with very limited access […]

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New KOREC case study – Monitoring the Albert Hall

26 June 2019

Our thanks to Vince Bridle of Sir Robert McAlpine for supplying the information for our latest case study featuring the Trimble S8 and T4D Monitoring software. A single Trimble monitoring system is all that’s required for a challenging site thanks to intelligent planning and a full understanding of the project’s challenges. Read the full story […]

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New KOREC case study – LSTC

5 June 2019

Safer underground manhole surveys with the ZEB-REVO RT LS Transmission Consultancy Limited T/A LSTC has carried out over fifty underground manhole surveys using the ZEB-REVO RT’s handheld laser scanning technology to achieve high accuracy data whilst surveyors remain above ground. Our thanks to Kurt Slater, Survey Manager at LSTC for providing the information. Read the […]

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New KOREC case study – KOREC Professional Services

13 May 2019

Trimble MX9 addresses critical health and safety implications for complex road survey. For Gateshead based Academy Geomatics, the mobile mapping service provided by KOREC’s Professional Services division has transformed the methods and speeds with which it can capture survey grade data on busy road networks. Read the full case study here Our thanks to Academy […]

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New KOREC case study – ABP Southampton and Trimble VRS Now

8 May 2019

Our thanks to Becky Conway, Principal Hydrographic Surveyor, Associated British Ports for kindly supplying us with the information for this casestudy reminding us why Trimble’s VRS Now Service remains a reliable and easy to make choice for real-time corrections. Read the full case study here.

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New KOREC case study – TP Knotweed

28 February 2019

TP Knotweed is a company that specialises in helping businesses, local councils, and homeowners throughout the UK to permanently eradicate Japanese knotweed from their premises. This latest KOREC case study is a really useful example of how a company that’s been committed to investing in technology since its inception decided to extend this into its […]

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New KOREC case study – Enviroflow Management Ltd

18 February 2019

Our latest KOREC case study underlines just how creative solutions come about! In this case, a tight schedule, along with health and safety considerations, were the drivers behind an imaginative and effective data capture solution that enabled waste management specialists Enviroflow to complete a managed motorway drainage survey just four weeks into a six-week project. […]

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New KOREC case study – Greenhatch Group

7 February 2019

The accuracy of the Trimble SX10 lends itself to a challenging cliff top survey in Tintagel as a new bridge linking the headland and the ruins of the 13th century castle nears completion. Many thanks to Jordan Knight of The Greenhatch Group for supplying the information and images. Read the full case study here.

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Updated K-Mobile ‘Tree Edition’ case study

21 January 2019

We’ve updated our K-Mobile ‘Tree Edition’ case study done in conjunction with EDP. Why? Because not only do they keep doing great things with the software that we want to write about, but ‘Tree Edition’ is now available as an off-the-shelf product for all arboricultral consultants. Read the full version here

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New KOREC Case study – Reencon, SX10

23 October 2018

The first SX10 in Northern Ireland was purchased by Reencon. 12 months on and we catch up with Senior Surveyor, Tim Connolly, to find out how he’s been using it. Read the full case study here.

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New KOREC Case Study – Why service and support matter

25 July 2018

Many thanks to Laurent Ciais, Survey Manager at Balfour Beatty VINCI on the M6 smart motorway upgrade, for supplying the information for this case study. There’s no doubt that we are seeing a shift towards a more sophisticated sales environment in which service, support and a personal approach play a key part in the buying […]

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Case Studies
  • A combination of two Trimble GPS solutions, the R10 Receiver and Trimble Catalyst (a unique subscription-based GPS solution)

    Tackling knotweed with high accuracy GNSS Read More >
  • Trimble VRS Now has been used to replace a base station bringing even greater coverage and improved efficiency to the Hydrographic Survey Team at ABP Southampton.

    Supporting the safe navigation of vessels within the Port of Southampton Read More >
Case Studies
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  • We’re celebrating the eventual arrival of the Tokyo Olympics with our own mini competition, as well as highlighting our ‘dream team’ product line up. For the duration of the Games, we’re asking customers and colleagues alike to submit their best snaps on the theme of the Olympic motto – Faster, Higher, Stronger. We welcome photos […]

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  • Who needs low cost, on-demand, cm precision data collection? “A cm accurate GNSS solution at the right price point.” Christopher Cooke of 3LM on Trimble Catalyst We’ve just launched ‘A Grand Deal’ and it’s our offer of the summer!  Mobile, on-demand data collection with centimetre-precision, our KOREC Capture data collection app and the KOREC Portal […]

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  • Date: Wednesday 24 February Time: 3pm Join us on Wednesday 24th February to learn about our mobile mapping office software workflow and get updated on the latest enhancements, new features and functionalities. Our team will discuss data processing in Trimble Business Center version 5.40 and how to efficiently extract features and publish data using the […]

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  • Date: Wednesday 25th August Time: 3pm GMT Join the TBC team as we process data from the new Trimble MX50 Mobile Mapping System and use a variety of tools that can be applied in asset management workflows. In this session, attendees will learn trajectory processing, run-to-run registration, classification and extraction of point clouds and making […]

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