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My Inspiration – KOREC marks Black History Month

16th October 2020

This October we wanted to recognise Black History Month in our own, unique KOREC way. So we put it to our people – we asked our colleagues to tell us who inspires them, or has made a positive impact on their life. These people could be world-famous faces, or a close personal friend. They could […]

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A Decade of Dedication

30th September 2020

This September marks something of a milestone for Debbie Vincent, our Operations Manager (Huntingdon branch) – 10 years at KOREC. Many UK KOREC customers may be familiar with Debbie and her team, but to mark her decade with the company, we asked Debbie to look back over her years working with us. Here’s what she […]

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Trimble X7 – One Year On

16th September 2020

The story of 2 customers Cast your mind back to September 2019, when trade events were in full swing. At INTERGEO, Trimble announced the launch of a new type of laser scanner – one that delivers powerful performance, with simple operation. The X7 promised fast, simple and accurate laser scan results, but 1 year on, […]

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KOREC launches ‘Meet the Experts’

11th August 2020

KOREC are delighted to today (11th August 2020) be announcing their new initiative, Meet the Experts, to further help and support their growing customer base. The concept is to increase awareness and understanding of eight key business areas and solutions, which are;   Laser scanning and Trimble RealWorks Mobile Mapping Trimble Business Center software Rail […]

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Trimble SiteVision Version 2.00

2nd June 2020

In addition to current features, we’ve added new functions that take augmented reality to the next level. While you can still use SiteVision to: Reduce costs by catching design errors and make adjustments before construction begins. Achieve greater productivity by accelerating decision making and minimize rework. Easily communicate design to a wide range of stakeholders […]

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New KOREC case study – Tri-Tech surveys corridor mapping

2nd April 2020

Our thanks to Ted Harland, Managing Director of Tri-Tech Surveys, for our latest senseFly eBee X story. Ted and his team know eBee technology inside out and achieve some amazing results with their drone. This latest project saw them undertake a 4km corridor mapping project in a single morning achieving exactly the crisp, clear images […]

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New issue of Traverse

30th March 2020

The latest issue of our KOREC Ireland newsletter, Traverse, is now available as a PDF and will be coming soon as a Flip Book. This issue includes: Launch of ‘Pep Talks’ a series of motivational chats New launch: KlearView360° New case study: Keating – port wall monitoring using Senceive sensors Technical Support: Hints & tips

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New Korec case study – Monitoring with Senceive sensors

25th March 2020

Our thanks to Keating Project Manager, Steven Heaney, for suppling the information for our latest case study ‘Confidence Assured’ which looks at how a network of Senceive sensors was used to monitor a protected wall at Greenore Port in Ireland during refurbishment works. This will be the featured case study in our upcoming KOREC Ireland […]

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Trimble X7 Trial – Sharing Some Thoughts

23rd March 2020

  Our next issue of our KOREC Ireland newsletter, Traverse, is coming soon and the front cover features data from a recent trial of the Trimble X7 at the Southern Regional College, Armagh. The college was constructed by Felix O’Hare, which we recently covered in a KOREC case study ‘Taking BIM to the construction site’.  […]

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COVID-19 Update

16th March 2020

With the situation on COVID-19 evolving constantly, there is no doubt that we are living through a period that is challenging, both personally and professionally. However, even in uncertain times there can be constants and in KOREC’s case we would like to reassure all our customers that our commitment to you will remain our highest […]

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S5 Delivers Reliability & Accuracy

11th March 2020

Working on a crowded, compact city-centre construction site is highly demanding – and so you need equipment that you can depend upon to simply get the job done. That’s why John Sisk & Son chose S5 total stations with ActiveTrack technology for the Capital Dock project in Dublin’s thriving waterside area. “The reliability, convenience and […]

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Has Trimble delivered with the X7?

2nd March 2020

When Trimble set out to create a new 3D Laser Scanner, they asked themselves some basic questions. Where is laser scanning going, how does the customer use laser scanning and what is most important to that customer? They interviewed over 550 people from pre-development through to field use. The end result is the X7. But […]

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21st Century Purchase for a 21st Century Solution

27th February 2020

Barry Burrows didn’t need to demo the X7 to see the benefits – we spoke to the UK & Ireland’s first Trimble X7 High Speed Laser Scanner owner on his very modern buyer journey Ever since he was a kid, Barry Burrows wanted to get his hands on the latest technological gadget – from computer […]

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New KOREC case study – Amey Consulting / Tunnel monitoring

13th February 2020

Our thanks to Andrew Plumb of Amey Consulting for the information in our latest case study, “Tackling a ‘Perfect Storm’ of monitoring challenges. This story looks at how Andrew undertook the remote monitoring of a tunnel under restoration and construction activity just outside of Kings Cross. Read the full story here.

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Stolen S7 Tracked and Recovered in the same morning

There’s nothing we like more than hearing about technology delivering exactly what it’s designed for, so it’s particularly rewarding to hear that Trimble’s L2P (Locate to Protect) tracking and AllTrak software has again assisted a KOREC customer in the recovery of a stolen Trimble instrument. Haygate Construction is a small, family owned setting out company […]

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KOREC in the press – O’Brien Contractors use SiteVision

The latest issue of CES magazine features our very first case study on Trimble SiteVision. Gareth Price and Matt Blevins, both of O’Brien Contractors, explained to us how they’ve been putting their new SiteVision unit to good use on an enabling contract next to Dudley zoo. Read the piece in CES here or download the […]

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New KOREC case study – let sleeping bats lie!

10th February 2020

Has it really been over 2 years since the launch of the Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station? We can’t believe it either! However, it’s been particularly interesting over the last year to see the breadth of applications expand so significantly as surveyors and engineers, familiar with the technology, become highly resourceful in the new ways […]

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New KOREC case study – using the ANAFI

6th February 2020

The Parrot ANAFI is ten times quieter than the average drone which is just one of the reasons why it proved the pefect choice for a recent survey in a residential area with limited access. PDS Surveys Director, Lee Husk, worked hard to ensure that householders were not inconvenienced during this job and was kind […]

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R12 for Landtech Surveys!

Congratulations to Martin Riley, Managing Director of Landtech Surveys, who is one of the first KOREC customers to invest in Trimble’s R12 technology. As a sole proprietor, productivity on site is a key to the smooth running of his business and Martin has been putting his R12 to good use from day 1! Martin is […]

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New Korec case study – Mobile Mapping – MX9

5th February 2020

Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors is the latest KOREC customer to talk to us about how their team used KOREC Professional Services and the Trimble MX9 to capture information on Wrexham’s A483, all with minimal traffic management. Read the case study here. Our thanks to Survey Manager, Andrew Thompson, for providing the background and pictures for […]

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SiteVision Essentials (9)

4th February 2020

Learn about SketchUp components, and how to use them to apply attributes and materials for visualisation in Trimble SiteVision. …and of course don’t forget, You can buy Trimble SiteVision online from KOREC here or read our first SiteVision case study here.

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Index – Trimble SiteVision Essentials

We’ll be regularly posting all the useful stuff that you need to know about Trimble SiteVision including Trimble tips and advice, KOREC opinion, video examples, training, customer feedback and some good honest FAQ’s! Click on any of the links below and of course, don’t forget that You can buy Trimble SiteVision online from KOREC here […]

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Trimble SiteVision Essentials (8)

27th January 2020

Learn how to download and install the SiteVision AR Exporter Extension via the SketchUp Extension Warehouse for your version of SketchUp Pro. …and of course don’t forget, You can buy Trimble SiteVision online from KOREC here or read our first SiteVision case study here.

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Trimble SiteVision Essentials (7)

18th January 2020

On this latest video, learn how to prepare and export a VCL using the SiteVision AR Exporter in Trimble Business Center. …and of course don’t forget, You can buy Trimble SiteVision online from KOREC here or read our first SiteVision case study here.

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Mensura 2019

10th January 2020

Look back over all 4 of our issues from 2019 in this special bumper edition. To receive the next issue of Mensura direct to your doorstep or inbox, just fill in your details here; Sign Up

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New KOREC case study – jetty piles

6th January 2020

Undertaking a jetty survey for a large international port on the south coast brings its own unique set of challenges. Brunel Surveys’ Peter Worthington tackles the access difficulties of a twenty-four hour working port, a swaying boat as a base from which to survey, a tiny tidal window and the need to accurately survey the […]

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KOREC in the press – Abseiling with GeoSLAM’s ZEB HORIZON

2nd January 2020

The latest issue of Geomatics World is out now and includes another great GeoSLAM story. This time the combination of a ZEB HORIZON and a Trimble SX10 enabled JWG Survey & Engineering to undertake a high-rise hotel cladding survey that had stumped other survey companies. A combination of KOREC advice and technology and JWG experience […]

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KOREC in the press – scanning the unknown

Our thanks to CES magazine who have featured KOREC’s latest GeoSLAM ZEB REVO story on their front cover.  Chris Shelley (then of Clugston Survey, now Head of Survey Department/Principal Land & Building Surveyor at CLS Civil Engineering) kindly shared the information and pictures for this story with us which looks at how the real-time functionality of […]

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Trimble SiteVision Essentials (6)

Learn how to prepare PDF and Paper Plans for visualisation in SiteVision using Trimble Business Center in this latest video. …and of course don’t forget, You can buy Trimble SiteVision online from KOREC here or read our first SiteVision case study here.

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Trimble SiteVision Essentials (5)

1st January 2020

In this video, there’s everything you need to know on learning how to prepare thematic maps, such as Cut/Fill, for visualization in SiteVision using Trimble Business Center. Don’t forget, You can buy Trimble SiteVision online from KOREC here or read our first SiteVision case study here.

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New KOREC case study

16th December 2019

Our thanks to Gareth Price of O’Brien Contractors for supplying all the information and pictures for our first Trimble SiteVision case study. Carrying out enabling works on the Dudley Very Light Railway Innovation Centre, Gareth reports that easy design visualisation, validation of works and the ability to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders were […]

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Trimble SiteVision Essentials (4)

12th December 2019

Video – Hardware setup (2) This useful tutorial, our second hardware setup video, outlines connecting the Trimble SiteVision Integrated Positioning System to a mobile device, and covers measurement offsets for unsupported mobile phones. Don’t forget, You can buy Trimble SiteVision online from KOREC here

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Trimble SiteVision Essentials (3)

4th December 2019

Installing the SiteVision Software To install the SiteVision app on your Android device: On your device go to the Google Play Store and search for Trimble SiteVision. Download and install the software from Google Play Store. NOTE – You will also be prompted to download and install Google Play Services for AR and Trimble Catalyst […]

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Trimble SiteVision Essentials (2)

28th November 2019

What phone should you use with SiteVision? Trimble presents the argument for the Samsung S10 Plus. Now that Trimble SiteVision is available for order, you need to make sure you have a supported mobile device to use and get the most out of your data! The Trimble SiteVision team has written this blog to help […]

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Trimble SiteVision Essentials (1)

  Video – Hardware set up (1) and getting your phone ready. Trimble SiteVision brings geospatial data to life so you can easily visualise, explore and understand complex information with unrivaled accuracy, right from your mobile device. In our KOREC series of SiteVision ‘Essentials’ we’ll be bringing you all the information you need to know […]

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Trimble casestudy – SiteVision

14th November 2019

Skanska’s Mark Lawton, who is also the Survey Manager on Highways England’s A14 improvement scheme, has been working with Trimble to produce this useful casestudy on how SiteVision provides a fast, friendly way to use augmented reality to share graphical information in the field. …and of course we’ve been working with Mark to produce a […]

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Mensura – new issue out now

11th November 2019

[3d-flip-book mode=”fullscreen” urlparam=”fb3d-page” id=”11778″ title=”false”] The final issue of Mensura for 2019 is out now and includes: New releases including Trimble X7 & Trimble R12 Case study – Surveying the ‘Big One’ Extended KOREC news Monitoring and Rail updates Download your issue here or request a printed copy here

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Alignment – announcing KOREC’s new rail newsletter

23rd October 2019

The greenhouse effect of gas emissions per kilometre on railway transport is 80% less than cars. In a year that has seen the UK become far more environmentally aware, we can reasonably expect to see a corresponding increase in travel by rail in 2020 and beyond. With exciting new projects such as HS2 on the […]

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KOREC in the press – CES Geospatial Engineering

The Autumn issue of CES’s supplement, Geospatial Engineering, features one of our favourite monitoring stories of the year: “How a single Trimble monitoring system is all that’s required for a challenging site thanks to intelligent planning and a full understanding of the project’s challenges.” Our thanks to Vince Bridle of Sir Robert McAlpine for all […]

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New KOREC casestudy – The ‘Big One’

17th October 2019

Brackston Survey used their Trimble SX10 on a recent survey at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Our thanks to Jake Roper-Fairhurst for providing the information for this case study. Project synopsis:  Project: Scanning Blackpool’s ‘Big One’ roller coaster for a 44m track replacement project.  System: Trimble SX10 and Trimble Business Center.  Challenges: All day rain; ensuring a […]

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New KOREC Casestudy – Into the deep

9th October 2019

Surveying a sinkhole of unkown volume was the challenge that Clugston Survey found themselves confronted with recently. Chris Shelley explains how they tackled the problem with a GeoSLAM ZEB REVO RT and a little bit of help from KOREC! Read the full story here.   Project synopsis:   Project: Surveying a sinkhole of unknown volume […]

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Traverse – irish newsletter, issue 3 out now

30th September 2019

Welcome to the third issue of our KOREC Ireland newsletter, Traverse. Front page news includes the introduction of the newly released Trimble X7 3D laser scanner. Inside this issue: Intergeo 2019 – The Trimble X7 has landed! New releases from Trimble, GeoSLAM and Parrot KOREC news round-up KOREC Opinion – Testing Trimble SiteVision Read the […]

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Competitive boost for eBee pilots

25th September 2019

KOREC is delighted to announce that the Drone Pilot Academy, our training partners in the provision of flight training and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) accredited pilot training courses, have successfully launched their Operational Safety Case consultancy service to assist KOREC senseFly eBee users attain EVLOS (Extended Visual Line of Sight) approval. A UK eBee user […]

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KOREC in the press – Rail Engineer

9th September 2019

It’s been our rail story of the year – the successful 90mph handback of a 400m stretch of the West Coast Mainline during the replacement of Willesden North Junction. The success of this project was assisted by the willingness of the S&C South Alliance to adopt a range of innovative technology during the blockade including […]

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KOREC in the press – GeoConnexion UK

4th September 2019

LSTC has conducted more than 50 underground manhole surveys using a KOREC supplied ZEB-REVO RT handheld laser scanner. Our thanks to Kurt Slater of LS Transmission Consultancy Limited for providing all the information for this great story that focuses on how to achieve more accurate data and safer working conditions for those involved in the […]

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KOREC in the press – Professional Services MX9

25th July 2019

‘A’ road survey completed in safety, 20 times faster! Out now, the July/August issue features a great story on how Anthony Lawton, Director at Academy Geomatics tackled a complex road survey using mobile mapping. KOREC Professional Services specialises in collecting and processing high quality data using the Trimble MX9 Mobile Mapping System. Read the story […]

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New KOREC casestudy

11th July 2019

Combining Trimble SX10 and ZEB-HORIZON data for a high-rise facade survey Our latest casestudy looks at the new level of service on offer from KOREC hire. Working closely with the customer, Jake Gaskell of JWG, KOREC Hire was able to come up with a solution designed to tackle a high-rise survey with very limited access […]

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Skanska trials SiteVision

Eight points to consider. “Will we continue to use it…oh yes.” During this year’s GEO Business show, Skanska’s Mark Lawton, A14 IDT’s Survey Manager, shared some thoughts on Trimble SiteVision based on Highways England’s A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme trial. Chaired by Mark, the show’s Wednesday Highways Seminar was a critical session for all involved […]

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Trimble Catalyst, now On Demand!

10th July 2019

Perfect combination with Trimble’s new TDC600 Android handheld and K-Mobile data capture software We’re delighted to announce that Trimble’s Catalyst software-defined GNSS is now On Demand, with an hourly pricing model, making it ready to use at a moment’s notice. This flexibility eliminates the need to predict project requirements weeks or months in advance. With […]

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New issue of mensura out now

8th July 2019

Out now is our double summer issue of Mensura!   Three new case studies GEO Business round-up Want one of our SX10 models? – Five left! Apply for KOREC Customer Experiences New releases from Trimble and Parrot View the pdf here  

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  • How Tri-Tech Surveys achieved 4km of crisp, clear corridor mapping imagery in a single morning…

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  • A single Trimble monitoring system is all that’s required for a challenging site thanks to intelligent planning and a full understanding of the project’s challenges.

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  • Our national ‘Bouncing Back’ event series continues, as we now set our sights on the South West. We’re bringing the very latest geospatial solutions, such as the R12i GNSS, X7 laser scanner, and SiteVision mobile model viewer, to 2 new venues. Our demo days take place in Bristol on the 2nd & Exeter on the […]

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  • How would you like to complete five times the amount of work, with just 1 operative? More construction contractors are realising the value of visual setting out with robotic total stations. They’re seeing firsthand the gains in speed, efficiency, and accuracy. These benefits translate to reductions in rework, schedule delays, and other costly problems, all […]

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  • Wednesday 28th October 2pm For a TBC regular, adjusting a GNSS network is no longer a big challenge, but what about adjusting a multi-sensor network involving: GNSS, total station, and digital level data? It is as much an art as it is a science to fine tune the settings in order to reach an optimal […]

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  • Wednesday 28th October 2020 – 4pm How can the construction industry survive, let alone thrive, in the midst of a pandemic? Industry analysts point to a huge uptake of construction technologies over the past 6 months, which has outstripped growth over the previous 5 years. Join this panel discussion with a group of industry experts […]

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