Go beyond the spec sheet to unlock your perfect 3D Laser Scanning solution with these five important questions

The fourth question in our 'five important questions blog' is......

The third question in our ‘five important questions blog’ is……

4. What’s the scanner’s IP rating or, if the rain comes, will I have to stop working?

Do you use your scanner for TOPO surveys, in construction, in a country where it tends to rain a lot? If so, it’s time to check the IP (ingress Protection) rating of your proposed scanner. The first IP digit relates to the level of protection against solid objects; the second digit relates to the level of protection against liquids. If your scanner IP rating is IP54, it’s imporant to understand that it does not have a closed mirror and you may be risking your scanner by working in conditions it’s simply not suitable for. IP54 means that the scanner is protected against water spray and is suitable for outdoor work, however an IP55 rating means they are suitable for working with in rain.

Top tip: The Trimble X7 and X9 are the only scanners suitable for countries where it rains a lot. Fortunately we’ve done some important research for you – on average it rains 151 days a year in the UK! ….and here’s a useful little video.

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