Go beyond the spec sheet to unlock your perfect 3D Laser Scanning solution with these five important questions

The second question in our 'five important questions blog' is......

The second question in our ‘five important questions blog’ is……

2. What’s more important to you, scan time or total time to project deliverable?

We admit it, 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds is going to feel great! But back in the real world, everyone knows that it’s the total journey time that really counts…and it’s exactly the same in the laser scanning world.

The first thing to consider is that speed is not always what you think*,  because Scan Speed and Scan Rate are not the same thing. Scan speed is the number of points you collect per second, scan rate is the number of seconds needed by a scanner to collect that data and this depends on the density of the[CA1]  scan data you require and the range of your scan. So in theory, the scanner with the fastest speed doesn’t always have the fastest rate. It’s therefore really important to make sure that you select a scanner that has the best balance for your applications.  

Additionally, it’s vital to consider the ‘overall journey time’. Time saved in the field doesn’t always equate to a faster deliverable. When purchasing a scanner, one of the best ways to deliver a faster result to your customer is through in field automatic scan registration,  and there’s two reasons for that:

  1. A scanner that can automatically fully register, refine, georeference, colourise and export your data before you even get back to the office will save you hours of processing time. You can check your data in the field as well.
  2. In-field registration ensures that you have captured everything you need, before you leave the site which means no costly return visits to capture missed data.

The Trimble X7, X9 and X12 are the only scanners that offer this feature, on a solution fully developed and supported by Trimble.

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1. What is the cost of ownership v. unit cost?

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