Get 2021 Ready with senseFly

Date: Tuesday 18th June 2024

Time: 10:57pm

This webinar took place on 11th November 2020

Watch the recording of the session by clicking here


Data & imagery courtesy of Richard Shepherd, UTSS – link to website


Let’s be honest, we’ve all had about enough of 2020. That’s why we’re inviting you to look ahead to a brighter & more productive 2021, with a brand-new drone solution for your business.

Join the KOREC Mapping team alongside our partners at senseFly, as we present all the information & incentives you need to begin 2021 the right way;

• Advantages of drone mapping over traditional methods
• Introduction to the eBeeX
• Quadcopter vs. Fixed Wing – what’s the difference?
• Update on new regs for EU harmonisation
• Limited time promotional offer

As always there will be plenty of opportunities to question the panel and to find out more information. We do hope you’ll join us for this exciting session, and prepare to get 2021-ready!