Watch the webinar: FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner

FARO Focus 3D - Revolutionary

FARO Focus 3D - Revolutionary

The FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner is a revolutionary, high-performance 3D laser scanner with intuitive touch screen control that makes it as easy to operate as a digital camera. It is four times lighter and five times smaller than its predecessor and is the smallest and lightest laser scanner ever built.

FARO has changed the game with all the improvements and features of the new Focus3D, eclipsing anything offered in the marketplace – and it is now available from KOREC Group.

Watch the FARO Focus3D webinar here:

Introduction to the FARO Focus3D and SCENE software

We demonstrate just how simple and fast it is to scan a project and produce a precise 3D model with the FARO Focus 3D without the use of unecessary additional devices or cables
Using example projects see how the simplicity of operation plus the auto-registration process results in savings of up to 50% in scan and processing time over conventional laser scanners

Example applications for the FARO Focus3D include BIM, Accident Investigation & Forensics, Excavation control, Asset management, Heritage and Structural Analysis