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Past Webinars

  • Inside the Trimble SX12: Deep Dive into Trimble SX12 VISION System and Laser Pointer

    Date: Tuesday 6 April
    Time: 3pm BST
    The visible range of total station laser pointers is often quite limited, especially in bright sunlight. The Trimble SX12, however, boasts a bright, focusable, and accurate laser pointer that greatly increases both visibility and range. Most total stations also utilize a traditional eyepiece for aiming, whereas the SX12 uses an integrated VISION system to unlock high resolution navigation and documentation.
    Join this presentation with Trimble Distinguished Engineer Mikael Nordenfelt for a glimpse into how the SX12 was designed and what makes the laser pointer and VISION system so special.
    Looking for a deep dive into the Lightning 3DM and how the SX12 can act as both a high accuracy total station and high speed scanner? The SX12 shares the same exceptional EDM and scanning implementation as the SX10, check out the following presentation to learn more.
  • Drones for Emergency Response

    Date: Thursday 25th March
    Time: 3pm

    Join KOREC’s Richard Gauchwin and Parrot’s Asif Gillani to discuss the use of drones in emergency response scenarios.

    Calling on real-life examples involving flooding and fire, we deep dive into how drone technology can be used to assess sites for safety, provide instant decisions in an emergency situations and help forensic departments be more cost effective.

    Attendees will have the opportunity to quiz industry experts and talk about different solutions in this interactive session.

    Our panel includes:


  • Complete Field to Finish workflow in TBC: Session I

    Date: Wednesday 24 March
    Time: 3pm GMT

    Join Dan Butvidas, Trimble’s Applied Geospatial Expert, and the Product Marketing team for two Power Hour sessions in March and April! The team will take a deep dive into a complete field to finish workflow in TBC using various methods of data collection in the field and processing in the office.

    In the first session, attendees will learn:

    • Planning and preparation for the job to meet the scope/requirements
    • GNSS and Total station data collection methods used in the field
    • Integrating the X7 into the workflow and processing in TBC using the necessary tools
  • Trimble Forensics – How to work with the new Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station in Law Enforcement

    Date: Thursday 18th March
    Time: 5pm GMT

    Join Trimble’s product marketing manager to learn everything about the new Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station.

  • Measured Building Surveys – using 3D scan data


    Date: Thursday 18th March
    Time: 12pm

    Join our training manager Richard Selby, as he runs through the processes of processing measured building survey data, generated by a 3d laser scanner.

    Richard will talk through the key steps including;

    • Preparing and checking the 3d data
    • Creating orthoimages
    • Creating floorplans and elevations in TBC
    • Create sections
    • Finalise output to CAD

    And find out how you can save 20% off the course all this month.

  • Introducing the Trimble TSC5 Controller

    Date: Tuesday 16th March
    Time: 3pm

    Join Trimble’s survey controller product marketing team to learn everything about the new TSC5 controller. The TSC5  is the dependable, modern, sixth‑generation survey controller that enables you and your team to get the job done efficiently and accurately, every day, all day.

  • Trimble Mobile Mapping: FAQs and Solutions to Increase Your Productivity

    Date: Tuesday 9th March
    Time: 9am

    Join Trimble’s Support Team on Tuesday, March 9th, for a presentation on solutions and tools to address frequently asked questions. You will learn about the usage of GAMS and DMI, improvements to the registration process in TBC v5.40, the latest updates in POSPac 8.6, tips, tricks, and much more.


  • Introducing the Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station

    Date: Tuesday 2nd March
    Time: 3pm GMT

    Join Trimble’s optical product marketing team to learn everything about the new SX12 Scanning Total Station. The Trimble SX12 is the one instrument you need to handle any survey project by integrating surveying, imaging and 3D scanning capabilities into your everyday workflow.

  • Automating Field Data Collection and Simplifying Deliverables for Monitoring Projects

    Date: Wednesday 17th February
    Time: 3:00 pm GMT

    Monitoring projects require tedious operations to collect repetitive and accurate measurements for determining structural movement. Automating total station measurements reduces operator input resulting in less errors and increased productivity in the field giving survey and construction professionals confidence in the data collected. Trimble Access and Trimble Business Center (TBC) provide a complete solution for streamlining data collection and generating comprehensive reports for manual/campaign-based monitoring projects.

    In this webinar, attendees will learn:

    • About manual/campaign-based monitoring and the need for automating survey tasks
    • Automating total station round collection and infield reporting with Trimble Access Monitoring
    • Creating comprehensive displacement reports and charts with TBC Monitoring


  • Surveying – 2021 Style

    Date: Monday 22 February 2021
    Time: 2pm

    Surveying in 2021 is not without its challenges – remote clients and colleagues unable to visit site, keeping in line with updated industry regs, and maintaining social distancing between site operatives to name a few.

    In this session, we’ll cut through the noise to bring some clarity and simple work-arounds to give you an aerial surveying workflow fit for 2021, including:

    • Overview of the feature-packed ANAFI USA – with thermal imaging, x32 zoom and high-quality footage in 15m/s winds
    • Real-world example of the ANAFI Thermal in action over a live construction site
    • Recap of the new EU regulations for 2021 to ensure you’re remaining compliant
    • Details of a special limited time hardware & training package

    Our panel includes:

    • Jim Ixer, MD of Drone Pilot Academy, KOREC’s drone training partner
    • Richard Gauchwin, KOREC’s head of Mapping


  • Object-based Landslide Assessment in Site-Specific Scale

    Date: Tuesday 23 February
    Time: 3pm GMT

    The increased development of computer vision technology combined with the increased availability of innovative platforms with ultra-high-resolution sensors mounted, has generated new opportunities and fields for landslide identification and characterization. During the last decade, the so-called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been evaluated for diverse applications such as 3D terrain analysis, slope stability, mass movement hazard and risk management. Their advantages of detailed data acquisition at a low operational cost and efficient performance pose them as leading platforms for site-specific 3D modelling. In this research, methodology has been developed based on Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) and fusion of multivariate data derived from UAV photogrammetry processing in order to take full advantage of the ultra-high-resolution datasets. Analysis demonstrates the potential for accurate and reliable characterization of individual landslide zones within this natural process based on close range photogrammetry for landslide conceptualization.


  • Mobile Mapping Essentials: Software Update

    Date: Wednesday 24th February
    Time: 3pm GMT

    Join Trimble on Wednesday, February 24th, to learn about our mobile mapping office software workflow and get updated on the latest enhancements, new features and functionalities. The Trimble team will discuss data processing in Trimble Business Center version 5.40 and how to efficiently extract features and publish data using the Trimble MX software. They will also explain the new license models that allow you to choose the right model for your needs


  • Tunnel Surveying, Improved: Digging into the Trimble SX10, Trimble Access, and TBC

    Date: Wednesday 24th February
    Time: 4.30 pm GMT

    Join the TBC team to go underground to discuss all the new and improved TBC Tunneling module in the latest release of v5.40. Learn how you can utilize the Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station, Trimble Access field software, and TBC for tunnel survey and construction workflows.

    In this webinar, attendees will learn:

    • Trimble Tunneling system using the SX10, Trimble Access, and TBC
    • Automated CAD to tunnel design tools to streamline data preparation
    • Reducing point cloud clean up time with automatic noise removal and segmentation
    • Performing comprehensive construction quality control using scanning and total station data in one software


  • Ask the Scanning Experts

    Date: Thursday 25 February
    Time: 3pm GMT

    Join the Trimble scanning team for an hour to answer all of your scanning questions!

  • Drone Data Sets: ROI & Insight from Industry Experts

    When it comes to data collection for surveying and GIS applications, few technologies are as safe, reliable and efficient as senseFly fixed-wing mapping drones With the recent launch of the eBee X series (eBee X and eBee Geo), we wanted to go beyond the hype and demonstrate to you how each drone can help expand your project capabilities, work more efficiently and scale your business—all in one informative webinar.

    Join senseFly Technical Support Engineer Michael Blake, Regional Manager EMEAI Christopher Thomson and Richard Gauchwin, Korec Business Area Manager Mapping & GIS, as they share detailed technical data sets and the ROI benefits customers are achieving with their senseFly drones.

    They’ll cover:

    • eBee X and eBee Geo hardware specs
    • Real-world data sets and customer ROI
    • Q&A from the audience


  • What’s New with Trimble Monitoring?

    Learn about the updates to the Trimble automated monitoring system to enhance movement detection with confidence. This update includes an overview of T4D Control v6.1, Settop M1 firmware v4.0, and Trimble Access Monitoring v2020.20.

    Attendees will learn:

    • Utilizing Trimble Vision in T4D with the new file-based Data Collector Module
    • Advantages of T4D deployment using cloud-hosted server with Microsoft Azure
    • Exchanging Site Setup information between Trimble Access Monitoring and T4D
    • Importing raw coordinates into T4D Web for reporting and analysis


    Date: Wednesday 27th January
    Time: 3pm GMT

  • GEOSCHOOL: Introduction to Drafting in TBC

    Join Technical Sales Support Kevin Kinahan to go over an Introduction to Drafting in TBC. The session will cover: – Creating Alignment & Surface – Company Logo – Drafting Templates – Editing the Sheet Sets – Build Sheets – Plotting and Exporting the Plan Set

    Date: Thursday 11th February
    Time: 10am GMT

  • GEOSCHOOL: TBC Traverse Adjustment Workflow

    Not every school is closed… GEOSCHOOL is back and open for business! We will be running a range of sessions over the next few weeks, so stay tuned and if there are any new topics or subjects you’d like to revisit, let us know.

    Register for TBC Traverse Adjustment Workflow by clicking the link below.

    Date: Thursday 28th January
    Time: 10am GMT

  • Untethered Surveying with CenterPoint RTX

    If you are a Surveyor dependent on a VRS network or base station coverage this webinar will help you to overcome that dependency! Sign up to hear about the benefits of using CenterPoint RTX as your correction service, including significantly reducing your field setup time and having an “always-on” correction service no matter where you go. We’re going to deep dive on Trimble Access 2020.20 and TBC 5.40 features that will streamline the workflow by enabling surveyors to automatically obtain a real-time CenterPoint RTX position in your local reference frame without the need for a site calibration or offset.

    Date: Tuesday 2nd February
    Time: 3pm GMT

  • senseFly Academy e-Learning Platform and Operator Certification Program

    Date: Tuesday 19th January
    Time: 3pm GMT

    Hosted by Andrea Blindenbacher, senseFly Head of Training, the platform and program are designed to teach current and prospective senseFly drone pilots how to operate their senseFly mapping drones with confidence in the field. It also provides essential knowledge about the principles associated with successful mapping drone operations, including flight planning, photogrammetry and much more!

    The presentation will cover:

    – Details about the new e-Learning Platform

    – Details about the Operator Certification Program

    – A quick look at the course curriculum and training modules

    – Course pricing and accessibility

    We’ll also have a live Q&A session at the end to answer any questions you might have regarding the new resources.


  • GEOSCHOOL: TBC Project Explorer and View Filter Manager Deep Dive

    Not every school is closed… GEOSCHOOL is back and open for business! We will be running a range of sessions over the next few weeks, so stay tuned and if there are any new topics or subjects you’d like to revisit, let us know.

    Register for TBC Project Explorer and View Filter Manager Deep Dive by clicking the link below.

    Date: Thursday 21st January
    Time: 10am GMT

  • Mobile Mapping Webinar: What’s new in Trimble MX 21.1

    Learn more about the new features in Trimble MX Content Manager and Asset Modeler v21.1. Trimble’s Mobile Mapping team will present the latest changes and newly implemented tools in TMX Asset Modeler for both desktop and client/server installations. You will learn about new attributes formulas, annotations, the new Adobe-Air-based console for client/server and much more. We will be happy to meet you again and answer questions at the end of the webinar.

    Date: Tuesday 26th January
    Time: 9am GMT

    To attend this webinar, please register by clicking the button below.

  • Mobile Mapping Webinar: What’s new in Trimble MX 21.1

    Learn more about the new features in Trimble MX Content Manager and Asset Modeler v21.1. Trimble’s Mobile Mapping team will present the latest changes and newly implemented tools in TMX Asset Modeler for both desktop and client/server installations. You will learn about new attributes formulas, annotations, the new Adobe-Air-based console for client/server and much more. We will be happy to meet you again and answer questions at the end of the webinar.

    Date: Tuesday 26th January
    Time: 4pm GMT

    To attend this webinar, please register by clicking the button below.

  • TBC Power Hour: What’s New in v5.40

    Join the TBC team as they showcase new and enhanced functionality released in v5.40. The team will highlight new items such as modernized licensing options, linear feature extraction, Tunneling and Monitoring workflows, Earthworks reporting, along with the TBC eLearning module that is available to anyone for free, and on demand!

    Date: Wednesday 16 December
    Time: 3pm GMT

    To attend this webinar, please register by clicking the button below.

  • Mobile Mapping Essentials: Publish and share your data online with TMX Publisher

    Find out how mobile mapping data can be published and shared inside or outside of your organisation using TMX Publisher. Learn how to visualize data and how to utilize TMX Publisher as a production tool with the available extraction features and PlugIn integrations.

    Date: Thursday 10 December
    Time: 9am GMT

    To attend this webinar, please register by clicking the button below.

  • Trimble X7 and Perspective – New Features and Software Updates

    In this webinar, we take you through all the new exciting features for the Trimble X7 Firmware and Perspective Software.

    Date: Thursday 10 December
    Time:  3pm GMT

    To attend this webinar, please register by clicking the button below.

  • Monitoring Power Hour – November

    Webinar includes a live demo of the new monitoring module in TBC – image courtesy of Trimble


    Wednesday 25th Nov – 3pm

    Monitoring lies at the heart of your project’s success – identifying movement before it becomes an issue, allowing you to keep projects on track and on budget – and vitally, safe.

    Join the Trimble team on Wednesday to introduce the new monitoring module in Trimble Business Center (TBC).


    Monitoring is helping keep projects of all scales on track – including the Grand Paris metro extension

  • Secure your Total Station with L2P

    Equipment theft damages our industry’s productivity, as well as threatening the livelihoods of our customers.

    All Trimble S-Series Total Stations come fitted with Locate to Protect (L2P) tracking as standard, but as a total station owner you need to register your kit with Trimble in order to successfully track lost or stolen kit.

    Watch this session with our Training & Support manager, Richard Selby, for all the information you need to keep you kit safe.

  • Presenting Trimble CloudEngine for 3D data

    Wednesday 4th November – 8pm

    Come learn about a new point cloud editor, Trimble CloudEngine!

    We’ll cover a range of topics including: how to combine an as-built point cloud with 3D design data, and how to easily share the results for data transparency.

  • Get 2021 Ready with senseFly

    This webinar took place on 11th November 2020

    Watch the recording of the session by clicking here


    Data & imagery courtesy of Richard Shepherd, UTSS – link to website


    Let’s be honest, we’ve all had about enough of 2020. That’s why we’re inviting you to look ahead to a brighter & more productive 2021, with a brand-new drone solution for your business.

    Join the KOREC Mapping team alongside our partners at senseFly, as we present all the information & incentives you need to begin 2021 the right way;

    • Advantages of drone mapping over traditional methods
    • Introduction to the eBeeX
    • Quadcopter vs. Fixed Wing – what’s the difference?
    • Update on new regs for EU harmonisation
    • Limited time promotional offer

    As always there will be plenty of opportunities to question the panel and to find out more information. We do hope you’ll join us for this exciting session, and prepare to get 2021-ready!

  • SX10 for Forensics & Crime Scenes

    Thursday 29th October 2020 – 6pm

    We know that the SX10 is a hugely versatile tool. That versatility extends to crash & crime scene mapping, where speed, accuracy and ease of use are of vital importance for evidence collection.

    Join Jack Hedges, Trooper with the Kentucky State Police, as he explains how the force have been using their SX10 over the last 2 years, with real examples from crime scenes.

    This promises to be a fascinating and eye-opening session.

  • TBC Power Hour – Combined Network Adjustments

    Wednesday 28th October 2pm

    For a TBC regular, adjusting a GNSS network is no longer a big challenge, but what about adjusting a multi-sensor network involving: GNSS, total station, and digital level data? It is as much an art as it is a science to fine tune the settings in order to reach an optimal balance.

  • Digital Resilience – Thrive in the New Normal

    Wednesday 28th October 2020 – 3pm

    How can the construction industry survive, let alone thrive, in the midst of a pandemic?

    Industry analysts point to a huge uptake of construction technologies over the past 6 months, which has outstripped growth over the previous 5 years.

    Join this panel discussion with a group of industry experts to discuss what these changes look like, and how this technology is transforming the industry

  • Total Control – the new TCU5 for S-Series total stations

    Wednesday 21st October 2020

    Get to grips with the brand new, rugged controller for the S-Series total stations in this short, introductory webinar

  • Automated Monitoring Systems – Power Hour

    Wednesday 14th October

    In this Monitoring Power Hour Session, Lee Hellen from Monitum will share an industry professionals perspective based on Monitum’s journey with automated monitoring systems; how they started and how they have used Trimble T4D to help elevate their professional service offering to what it is today.

  • A Model Solution for Civils

    Wednesday 7th October – 10am

    In Association with the CICES

    If you’re a surveyor, engineer, utility professional or contractor, SiteVision will add value and understanding to your project.

    Combined with the new R12i GNSS for faster and more robust positioning, and the rugged large screen TSC7 controller, you can;

    • Increase Understanding
    • Increase Confidence
    • Increase Engagement
    • Increase Productivity
    • Increase Accuracy
    • Increase Flexibility


  • The Ins & Outs of 3D Scanning – DEMO

    Wednesday 7th October – 9pm

    Join us as we focus on the game changing workflows the Trimble X7 brings to the construction industry. Every step of the 3D laser scanning workflow, from field to office, will be covered in depth. We’ll also give insight into the benefits laser scanning provides. After learning all of the incredible things you can do with the scanner, you will be able to push your company to the next level.


  • Data Preparation for Setting Out

    Wednesday 30th September – 8pm

    Join Bryan Williams, Trimble Layout Solutions Segment Manager, on September 30th at 1:00pm MT to learn how you can use various authoring softwares to prepare data for field layout. Authoring software highlighted in this session include: AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla, SketchUp and FieldLink Office.


  • TBC Power Hour – Level Editor

    Wednesday 30th September – 3pm

    In this session, Daniel Butvidas, Colorado PLS, will illustrate different digital level data formats supported by TBC, both from Trimble and other vendors. He will then demonstrate, using Trimble DiNi data, how to use the revised TBC Level Editor to import, edit, adjust, and add to a TBC project.

    Attendees will learn:

    • Support Digital Level formats
    • Options for Importing
    • Using Level Editor to manage/edit/adjust level data
    • Troubleshooting Guidance
  • Trimble Connect for MEP Professionals

    Tuesday 22nd September – 11am

    Learn how to leverage Trimble Connect with your design or estimation solution and understand how it can become your single source for project information, collaboration and coordination with multiple trades.

  • Modelling with 3D point cloud data

    10th September 2020 – 5pm

    In this webinar, learn how to bring point cloud data (from drones & 3D laser scanners) into SketchUp and model with extreme accuracy using the Scan Essentials extension. Join us as we demonstrate each tool included in the extension and walk through a few different point cloud workflows.

  • R12i Launch Webinar

    10th September 2020 – 10am

    Join RSD Rob Judge and Chris Harris from Trimble, as we introduce the brand-new, game-changing GNSS Solution.

    Forget levelling. Forget the bubble. In fact, throw out the rulebook. The R12i makes point collection easier, faster and more accessible than ever before.

  • An Inside look at the SX10

    8th September 2020

    Join our NW Regional Director Jared Pogmore as we delve inside the powerful SX10 – along the way discovering how the product works, and what it is achieving for KOREC customers.

    This webinar is approximately 25 minutes in duration

  • Mobile Mapping Essentials

    2nd September 2020

    In this webinar you will learn about dataset structures, data analysis tools and database communication capabilities in Trimble MX.

  • Unlock the Value of AR, MR and VR for Construction

    27th August 2020

    Learn from the experts how you can be using augmented, mixed and virtual reality technologies to impact your business. This isn’t scripted so bring your questions and drop them in the Q&A tab!

  • Trimble Solutions for HS2

    20th August 2020

    Innovative Rail Solutions

    Next Thursday we will be showcasing a range of these solutions which are perfectly adapted for the challenges of the HS2 project. These solutions include;

    • Laser scanning
    • Monitoring
    • Mobile Mapping
    • Surveying
    • Software & collaborative working solutions

    We will also be providing an overview of the new, HS2 survey grid, presented by geospatial technical expert, Tor-Erik Djupos of Trimble.

    So do join our UK Sales Director, Mark Reid, alongside Tor-Erik, to find out more

  • R12 – Improving Performance in Challenging Enviroments

    14th August- 10:00am

    Join Rob Judge as we discuss the key features and benefits of the R12 GNSS for remote, rugged and challenging environments. Including a chat with Anthony Pritchard of Storm Geomatics as we discover what results they are achieving with their kit.

  • Discover what mixed and augmented reality can do for you and your business

    22nd July – 10:30am 

    Discover what mixed and augmented reality can do for you and your business. Join Kevin Kinahan next month as he covers Trimble’s mixed and augmented reality solutions.

  • Should I invest in a drone for my business?

    22nd July – 10:30am

    Watch this special session on the benefits of utilising a drone/UAV for your business needs – featuring Chris Thomson from senseFly, Matthew Greaves from Drone Pilot Academy and our own Richard Gauchwin.

    The jam-packed session includes;

    • Consideration and discussion of the unique features and benefits of aerial drone surveys
    • A detailed look at the technical specifications of our UAV solutions
    • A discussion and explanation of the legal and regulatory requirements of operating a drone for business purposes

  • Drones for Quarrying, Coastal & Forestry applications

    This webinar ran on 15 July 2020

    Richard Gauchwin and Victor Bonthoux of senseFly explain how drones can expand your remote mapping capabilities whilst keeping you safe.

  • Expand Your Business With The Adoption of Automated Monitoring Services

    This Webinar ran on 18 June 2020

    Join Liam Hartley as he explains the benefits of adding automated monitoring services in to your business.

    We will also show you how easy this can be to implement and at a very low cost if you’re already utilising survey instrumentation

  • Introducing Klearview – the cost effective vehicle based inspection and verification system

    This Webinar ran on 14 May 2020

    KOREC Group and NCTech join forces to bring you a webinar on KlearView360°, a streamlined, hosted system for the identification of asset condition and for rapid repair and resolution of damaged or missing assets.

    A cost-effective solution, that incorporates a high resolution vehicle-mounted camera for fast collection of asset features including visual condition and location.

    Asset data is stored on KOREC’s K-Portal GIS database and shared with mobile workers via the K-Mobile app, making it the perfect solution for local authorities and many others

  • Dirt to Rail with the Trimble GEDO system

    This Webinar ran on 6 May 2020

    Save money and time by Utilising the Trimble GEDO system – increasing efficiency in planning, design and construction.

  • Trimble TX Series Scanners: Power, Performance and Precision

    This Webinar ran on 30 April 2020

    Explore the pinnacle of laser scanning technology with the Trimble TX scanner range

  • The ONE that started it all

    This Webinar ran on 23 April 2020

    Follow the monumental journey of the Trimble SX10 and see how it has become the single must-have piece of equipment for surveyors.

    This webinar will showcase KOREC’s customer journeys on how they’ve utilised the SX10 in innovative ways to overcome traditional survey challenges.

  • X7 for Geospatial Professionals

    Session 1 ran on 19 March 2020

    Session 1 focuses on the unique hardware features of the X7, including;

    • Unique & market-leading features of the X7, including auto-calibration and auto-registration
    • Overview of the product features & specifications suitable to multiple industries – range, scan time, coverage, IP rating, etc.

    The session is hosted by KOREC’s Neil Pollock, Regional Sales Director (UK, north-east)

    Watch the Webinar Recording by clicking here;

  • X7 for Geospatial Professionals

    Session 2 ran on 26 March 2020

    The X7 and Perspective workflow has been expertly designed for the surveyor. In this webinar we will take you through the workflow to demonstrate why the system is the ideal choice for industrial surveys, civil infrastructure, topographical and general surveys.

  • X7 for Construction Professionals

    Session 3 ran on 31 March 2020 – Watch the recording via this link

    The X7 and Field Link workflow has been built with the construction professional in mind. Manage your X7 with the same easy to use software as your setting-out process, while also viewing scan data immediately in the field.

    In this webinar we will run you through the specific workflow and show you how the X7 is the perfect tool for as-built verification, scan to BIM, floor flatness verification, prefabrication Skid QA/QC, precast set-up verification, underground utilities and facade studies.

    Other Resources

    See the X7 and Fieldlink workflow in action;


  • Whistle stop tour of Trimble Field Link

    This Webinar ran on 16 April 2020

    Improve and extend your setting out capabilities with Trimble Field Link.

    One Interface – Multiple instruments work with one easy-to-use interface.
    More Visibility – Connect your crew to BIM that is construction-ready.
    Improved Flexibility – Use only the functionality you need.

    Real-Time Visualisations – Point and measure more accurately and effectively with visualisations.
    Field Reporting – See multiple layout reports and document existing conditions for RFI and changes.

    Extend Layout Capabilities, simplify tasks, and improve accuracy for crews In The Field. Construction Layout Software Solutions Built To Help You Get The Job Done.

  • Enhancing traditional Trimble Access workflows using TBC and Connect

    Webinar ran on 9 April 2020

    This webinar investigates ways to improve the flow of data to and from the field harnessing the power of Trimble Connect – a platform which enables informed decision making and enhances project efficiency.

    Starting in TBC we will prepare project files, upload them via Trimble Connect and then retrieve them in the field using Trimble Access.
    After completing our survey, we will reverse the data flow and finish by reviewing our survey within TBC.

  • KOREC Professional Services

    Session ran in Feburary 2020

    In our first session of 2020, the KOREC Professional Services division introduce the key features & advantages of mobile mapping for highway surveys.

    The webinar includes;

    • Introduction to the MX9 vehicle mounted system
      • How the MX9 undertakes highway surveys with minimal traffic management
      • How mobile mapping will make your highway surveys faster, safer and more cost-effective
      • Examples of real customers who are already experiencing the benefit

    The webinar is hosted by Director of Professional Services Mark Reid.

  • Should I invest in a drone for my business

    Session ran in November 2019

    Watch this special session on the benefits of utilising a drone/UAV for your business needs – featuring Chris Thomson from senseFly, Matthew Greaves from Drone Pilot Academy and our own Richard Gauchwin.

    The jam-packed session includes;

    • Consideration and discussion of the unique features and benefits of aerial drone surveys
      • A detailed look at the technical specifications of our UAV solutions
      • A discussion and explanation of the legal and regulatory requirements of operating a drone for business purposes
  • Session 1

    Introduction to Surfaces and Editing Surfaces in TBC:

  • Session 2

    Integrating GNSS& Total Station Data within TBC:

  • Session 3

    SX10 Point Cloud Import, Functionality, Feature Extraction & Export:

  • Session 4

    Introduction to Road Design in TBC:

  • Session 5

    Data Types Supported & How to Import into TBC:

  • Session 6

    An Exploration of the Data Visualisation Options in TBC:

  • Session 7

    TBC Project Explorer:

  • Session 8

    TBC Traverse Adjustment Workflows:

  • Session 9

    Using the TBC Level Editor:

  • Session 10

    Introduction to Road Design (Part 2)

  • Session 11

    Step by Step FastStatic Processing in TBC:

  • Session 12

    Post Processing PPK Survey Data as a Back up to VRS:

  • Session 13

    Feature Code Library:

  • Session 14

    Advanced Point Cloud Functionality in TBC:

  • Session 15

    Trimble RealWorks Registration:

  • Session 16

    Creating and Simulating Drone Flight Missions for the senseFly eBee:

  • Session 17

    Ortho-Images Trimble RealWorks:

  • Session 18

    Mapping Data Capture Workflow:

  • Session 19

    Getting the most out of Trimble RealWorks Scan Explorer.

  • Session 20

    Handheld Scanning and Processing using ZEB REVO RT from GeoSLAM.

  • Session 21

    An Introduction to Trimble Field Link

  • Session 22

    Nearly Everything You Wanted To Know About Trimble Access (Part 1)

  • Session 23

    Nearly Everything You Wanted To Know About Trimble Access (Part 2)

  • Session 24

    Introduction to scanning with Trimble Perspective and the X7

Talk Korec

Case Studies
  • A combination of two Trimble GPS solutions, the R10 Receiver and Trimble Catalyst (a unique subscription-based GPS solution)

    Tackling knotweed with high accuracy GNSS Read More >
  • Trimble VRS Now has been used to replace a base station bringing even greater coverage and improved efficiency to the Hydrographic Survey Team at ABP Southampton.

    Supporting the safe navigation of vessels within the Port of Southampton Read More >
Case Studies
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  • “Trimble VRS Now can be summed up in a single word – reliability.” Neil Jefferies, Greenhatch Group Director     There are many reasons why KOREC customers rate Trimble’s VRS Now Service but in all they years since it’s release, the top four haven’t changed at all – accuracy, flexibility, reliability and availability – all […]

    Trimble VRS Now – no base station required! Read More >
  • Did you know that the Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner has an integrated calibration feature that offers full auto-calibration of range and angular systems in 25 seconds with no user interaction or targets? This Trimble technology is a smart feature that monitors environmental temperature, ambient light, vibration, instrument temperature and vertical speed to take the […]

    The Trimble X7 auto-calibrates – five reasons why this matters Read More >
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