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Skanska trials SiteVision

11 July 2019

Eight points to consider. “Will we continue to use it…oh yes.”

During this year’s GEO Business show, Skanska’s Mark Lawton, A14 IDT’s Survey Manager, shared some thoughts on Trimble SiteVision based on Highways England’s A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme trial.

Chaired by Mark, the show’s Wednesday Highways Seminar was a critical session for all involved in highway infrastructure. As part of this workshop, Mark gave a talk entitled “An A14 update on the recent trial of mixed reality – what have we learnt so far?” With the launch of Trimble SiteVision now imminent, this was especially topical.

At this stage, Mark was just four weeks into a six month trial but his first point was key – if you are to use Trimble SiteVision to its full potential then you need good data. Accuracy was also checked and Mark reports that in focused tests, SiteVision was delivering 50mm accuracy.

Checking accuracy

Key application areas included utility records, design information, future information and 3D models. In particular, Mark mentioned that on the A14, following the capture of hundreds of km of cable, they needed to know exactly where that cable was for a Permit to Dig. Having the information available visually through SiteVision was hugely helpful in determining where they could excavate.

Clearly showing pipe locations

Additionally, he says that SiteVision provides an easy to understand visual explanation to third parties, such as householders, as to why they are digging in a certain place.

Alison Small (Engineering Surveyor, Skanska) walked the route with SiteVision explaining how the design will miss these trees on the A14 C2H project

Mark’s conclusions following four weeks into a six month trial:

  • Easy to use
  • Adoption and take up has been welcomed
  • The workforce have recommend improvements that are realistic, for example, video screen capture.
  • Requires good BIM/Data
  • Multiple opportunities for customer briefing
  • Will aid success in reducing services strikes
  • Expect to wait a little longer to establish GNSS lock with Catalyst than with a high end surveying GNSS
  • “Will we continue to use it…oh yes.”

Trimble SiteVision fuses cutting-edge augmented reality technology with Trimble Catalyst centimetre-precision GPS (now available on-demand) to bring your 3D designs off the screen and onto your site.

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