Office Software

KOREC’s innovative office software solutions are designed to supercharge your data processing workflows – allowing you to extract meaningful insights and deliver accurate results in less time. 

With powerful algorithms, user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration with field data, our office software allows you to efficiently analyse, visualise and report geospatial data with ease. Whether you’re in land surveying, engineering or environmental monitoring, our flexible office software is the ultimate tool to optimise your data processing and drive project management success.

Turn your data into valuable client deliverables, with software that fits seamlessly into your workflow.

Your reputation is dependent on producing high quality and compelling deliverables for your clients, as efficiently as possible.

Our office software solutions for mapping and surveying expedite the processing of field data and streamline your workflows, enabling you to quickly bring your data to life and generate quality results with confidence.

Whether it’s building digital surface models from point cloud data, identifying features in utilities surveys, or creating a map of a crime or accident scene, we’ve got a software programme to help you.

Explore the solutions below, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

KOREC understands that effective data collection is just one stage of the process. Whether you work in surveying, engineering, construction, rail or highways, you need powerful and intuitive office software that turns your land survey data into valuable client deliverables, whilst fitting in seamlessly with your existing workflow.

Powerful Software for Land Surveyors

Designed specifically for surveying professionals, our office software can help you manage and visualise data from a vast array of sources, including topographic surveys, GNSS, total stations, UAV surveys, 3D scanners and mobile mapping systems.

Depending on its purpose, our software can help with any aspect of a surveying project, including:

Much like our field survey equipment, our mapping and land surveying software can support professionals across a wide range of industries too. Trimble Forensics Reveal gives you all the tools you need to recreate, analyse and visualise crime and crash scene data, while Trimble High Rise is designed for monitoring high rise structures during construction.

Field-to-finish CAD

Software such as Trimble Business Center – a field-to-finish CAD for the surveying professional. Combine all your data sources including GNSS, level and total station in one platform, to produce CAD drawings, surfaces, volumes and contour lines. Import point cloud data in the form of 3D scans from terrestrial tools or orthomosaics from aerial (UAV) sources to build digital surface models and to extract features to complement traditional survey deliverables.

Powerful Data Processing

For powerful 3D scan data processing and analysis, look to Trimble RealWorks and EdgeWise. For the surveying professional, RealWorks processes data from laser scanning solutions such as the TX6, TX8, SX10 and X7 scanners, enabling you to register, visualise, explore and manipulate as-built or scene point cloud data. Trimble EdgeWise is the ideal solution for the construction professional or those working in BIM or MEP. Automated feature extraction allows you to easily identify pipes, conduit, structural steel, walls, windows and more, and then quickly export to Trimble or 3rd party CAD packages.

Monitoring and Project Management Software

For monitoring applications, software is the at the core of the project. With Trimble 4D Control, experience real-time monitoring and unparalleled movement analysis for a range of sensors. Fully customisable to fit your project requirements so you gather only the information you need, allowing you to make informed decisions, fast.

GNSS and GIS Data Collection Software

For GNSS data to GIS, there’s GPS Pathfinder Office. Prepare your field collected GNSS data for your GIS platform with a range of powerful tools, such as differential corrections to improve your data, and a sophisticated data dictionary editor, before exporting to a variety of GIS and CAD formats.

Software Training and Support

We want to help you get the most out of your office software. As Trimble Certified Product Specialists, we provide full technical support and training for surveying professionals in how to use our software. From phone support, to our knowledge base, to our scheduled and bespoke training courses, our expertise will help you get the best value from your investment.

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