Trimble TX8 3D laser scanner

Starting from: £450 per day / £1500 per week


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Hire a Trimble TX8 3D laser scanner kit.

The Trimble® TX8 laser scanner sets new standards for performance and ease of use in high-speed collection of 3D data. A high speed, long range and precision instrument, the Trimble TX8 delivers high quality results in industrial measurement, engineering, construction, forensics and other applications that require high levels of accuracy and flexibility.

  • NEW-Improved efficiency and accuracy with new features like high precision scan mode capable of achieving 1mm accuracy, and single scan function for extended range scans.
  • High speed- with a typical scan time of only 3 minutes the Trimble TX8 allows you to capture more stations and complete projects faster than ever.
  • High quality data- never compromise on data quality. The Trimble TX8 quickly captures only high quality data over its entire range even in direct sunlight. This means less setups to capture a complete project.
  • Long range- with a maximum range of 340 meters the Trimble TX8 gives you more flexibility and project opportunities. It’s like having two scanners in one.
  • Intuitive and easy to operate- the intuitive on-board software of the Trimble TX8 makes it easy to learn and get up to speed capturing data. Reduce start up time and increase your confidence that 3D scanning can be successfully incorporated.

The Trimble TX8’s speed and range reduces the time and effort for 3D scanning. The TX8 lets you gather data more quickly from each setup while the scanner’s long range minimises the number of setups needed to do the job. You’ll finish your projects faster and with the assurance that your data is complete and accurate.