Trimble S8 robotic total stations

Starting from: £400 per week



Hire a Trimble S8 robotic total station, complete with Trimble MT1000 MultiTrack target, TSC3, Trimble power kit, telescopic pole and heavy duty tripod

The S8 Total Station is available as 2 different models – Video Robotic or Engineering, which both have a broad base of standard inclusions and configuration options.  The software that compliments these options is Trimble® 4D Control™ which allows you to manage your monitoring projects both real-time and post processed detecting critical structural movements and Trimble VISION™ which feeds live video images back to the controller.

Trimble VISION brings the instrument telescope to your field controller. Using live video, you can remotely control the instrument and see what it sees. High-quality video and digital zoom make it easy to identify survey targets. You can collect measurements and geo-tagged images for use throughout your Trimble surveying system.

  • Video-assisted robotic measurement
  • Visual verification with data overlay
  • Trimble DR Plus for longer range and fewer setups
  • Specialized configuration options include 0.5″ angular accuracy


Trimble 4D Control is post-processing software designed for engineering applications, including monitoring.  It reads rounds from Trimble Survey Controller or Trimble Access in the JobXML format as individual sessions, and indicates any movement of targets over time. The results are displayed to you in the highly visual interface which is easy to analyse, and the software is customisable to provide features such as target movement warnings and alarms.

The S8 also offers you Trimble FineLock™ Technology which detects targets without interference from surrounding prisms within close quarters such as rail alignment, deformation monitoring and tunnel applications. The Trimble Long-Range FineLock option pushes this functionality to 2500m with 1 cm accuracy.

With 1″ angular accuracy and EDM precision of 1 mm + 1 ppm, the Trimble S8 is equipped with unique features to support engineering jobs.