Trimble S6 robotic total stations

Starting from: £300 per week



Hire a Trimble S6 robotic total station, complete with Trimble MT1000 MultiTrack target, TSC3, Trimble power kit,telescopic pole and heavy duty tripod

The Trimble® S6 DR (direct reflex) Total Station offers you advanced MagDrive technology for breath-taking speed – capable of changing face at lightning speed and turning 115° per second. It takes the work out of conventional servo or robotic surveying.

The S6 is equipped with SurePoint™ technology which guards against the sinkage, vibration, and handling that can affect your instrument after setup and optional VISION™ which offers live video images on the controller.  Its automatic pointing correction monitors and corrects the effects of tilt axis and collimation, so you can measure with speed and confidence.

Trimble VISION brings the instrument telescope to your field controller. Using live video, you can remotely control the instrument and see what it sees. High-quality video and digital zoom make it easy to identify survey targets. You can collect measurements and geo-tagged images for use throughout your Trimble surveying system.

  • 100% cable-free reflectorless total station and rover
  • Direct Reflex (DR) technology for hard-to-reach or unsafe targets
  • Trimble’s MagDrive servo technology silently spins the instrument through 180º in 3 seconds, with ultra-fine control for precise pointing
  • See everything the instrument sees through live video with VISION
  • Integrated GNSS technology with GPS Search and the Trimble I.S. Rover


Trimble MultiTrack™ Target (MT1000) provides you two options of Active or Passive Tracking – Active tracking ensures you always locate and lock on to the correct target, (passive tracking is tracking of a normal prism).  The MT1000 is the only target of its kind in the surveying industry.

When you’re using the Trimble MultiTrack Target, nearby reflective surfaces, such as road signs, cars, safety vests, and other prisms, will not disrupt your surveys.

If MagDrive and MultiTrack speed still aren’t enough, the robotic Trimble S6 instrument goes to the extreme with Trimble® GPS Search.  A new function in Trimble field software, GPS Search employs GPS to quickly locate a lost prism. In just 3 seconds the Trimble S6 can focus to the correct position and lock onto the robotic rover.